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How Wheelchair Ramps Make Life Easier

There Are Several Answers to the Question, “How Do Wheelchair Ramps Make Life Easier?”

Our environment simply isn’t flat, there are elevated entrances, areas, places, and spaces all around us. This is challenging for anyone with limited mobility, and especially those who rely on a mobility device to get around. Anything that can make getting from point A to point B easier for them is important. However, the benefits also extend to family members, friends, and the general public. 

Easy Entrance and Exit

This is the most obvious benefit of having a wheelchair ramp. However, you may be surprised by just how much effect it has. Have you ever found yourself deciding against a family outing because getting in and out of the house, vehicle, or  desired destination is difficult? Do you find yourself dreading that part of the journey? Does going in or out the door of your home fill you with anxiety?

When it comes to the importance of wheelchair ramps, this is key. A ramp allows you to go in and out of your home without having to worry. If you care for a family member with limited mobility, it takes one concern off your shoulders. You may find yourself going out more because it's easier to do so. 

It also gives the person with limited mobility a sense of independence. Suddenly, the world opens up. They can leave the house on their own. It's often the smallest things that make the biggest difference. This independence can help improve overall mood. It gives them the freedom that they may have lost. 


Stairs can be a safety hazard for someone with limited mobility, particularly if they use a cane or walker. Someone in a wheelchair won't be able to navigate stairs at all. However, someone with a walker may attempt to take stairs, but lack the balance and strength to navigate them successfully. 1 in 4 seniors fall every year. Falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries among seniors. A wheelchair ramp can remove one of the common causes of falls. 

Confidence and Unity 

Because a wheelchair ramp is safer and easier to navigate for anyone with limited mobility, it increases confidence. It can also increase unity within the family. When everyone can enter and exit the home safely on their own, the person with limited mobility no longer feels separate from the rest of the family. 


Another factor when considering the importance of wheelchair ramps is acceptance. Someone in a wheelchair may often feel excluded. A wheelchair ramp makes a statement. It says that everyone is welcome here. It shows that the owner of the home or building is willing to make accommodations to make the building accessible. It lets those who are wheelchair-bound know they matter, and they are accepted. 

Importance of Portable Ramps

When you think of a wheelchair ramp, a permanently installed ramp for a home or building is probably what comes to mind. However, a portable wheelchair ramp has importance as well. 

A permanent wheelchair ramp can provide easy access to your home. The importance of wheelchair ramps that are portable is that they can provide access to other areas. Do you want to go to a particular place but worry about accessibility? A portable wheelchair ramp can be the perfect solution. You can go to new places with peace of mind, knowing that everyone can enter and exit safely. 

They are also important for recreation. Outdoor activities can seem off-limits for someone in a wheelchair. It's difficult to know when they will encounter an obstacle. A portable ramp can easily make these areas accessible. You can plan that family picnic. You can visit the park or go to the lake. 

Perhaps there's a family member or friend you would like to visit, but their home isn't accessible because they don't have a wheelchair ramp. A portable ramp makes their home accessible as well. If you've missed events at the homes of friends or loved ones, or would just like to visit and have a cup of coffee, a wheelchair ramp gives you the ability to do so. 

Loneliness and social isolation are big issues, particularly for the elderly. 1 in 3 seniors feel lonely and 1 in 4 are socially isolated. A wheelchair ramp can help combat this issue.

Not Just For Wheelchairs

Most people know a wheelchair ramp is important for someone with a walker or wheelchair, but a wheelchair ramp is helpful for other situations as well. They allow parents to bring children in and out of the house in a stroller, which can make trips and walks more accessible for new parents. 

For mobile seniors, they allow them to use a cart. They can transport groceries or other important items in and out without a struggle. They can walk around the yard while having a seat available.

Overall, wheelchair ramps have a variety of benefits and can truly make life easier. With so many to choose from, the search can be overwhelming. We are here to help find the right solution for you and for your specific needs. Contact us today and our team will help guide you in the right direction.

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