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How Walk Ramps Make Loading and Unloading Safe

Walk ramps are a great versatile product that can be used to make loading and unloading so much easier! Walk ramps are used commonly as a way to load and unload heavy boxes, furniture, appliances, and other objects from a truck, cart, forklift, or other vehicles to get the items into a house, building, or other location. They are a true lifesaver when it comes to transporting heavy goods and equipment. Creating an inclined surface to wheel your cargo up and down is an ideal alternative to lifting it up or down to the level in which you need it moved to. 

One walk ramp on the market that makes loading and unloading not only easy but extremely safe, is the TRAVERSE™ Walk Ramp by EZ-ACCESS. This type of walk ramp provides a portable solution to loading and unloading when navigating a raised landing. It is made of heavy-duty aluminum, so it is very strong, durable, and safe. It can even handle being used on a daily basis with all the traffic back and forth and it is durable enough to last for years to come. This particular walk ramp doesn’t require any assembly, making it a very quick solution and set up as well as to take down happens in just a few simple steps. It can also store away in your vehicle, warehouse, or wherever is most convenient until you need it again.

Walk Ramps are Important

You’ll never know how helpful a walk ramp can truly be until the point in time comes along when you need to transport a heavy object from an elevated area down to the ground or vice versa. If you are someone who frequently moves heavy equipment or materials around, then you understand just how difficult, inconvenient, time consuming, and sometimes painful it is to have to lift those things into the back of a truck, into a storage container, onto a porch, etc. To avoid injuring yourself, make your job easier, and implement time-saving efficiencies to your tasks, consider adding a walk ramp to your arsenal of tools. A walk ramp can be used in conjunction with a hand truck, service carts, etc. to move things into and out of a house, such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, stoves, and even furniture. You may also need a walk ramp to be able to transport a motorcycle or deliver supplies to frequented businesses. There are many uses and applications, making this a very important ramp to have on hand.

Safety precautions when using walk ramps

One of the things you need to do that is part of the safety precautions when using walk ramps is to choose the right ramp size. The TRAVERSE Walk Ramp comes in several sizes, including 4’, 6’, 8’, 10’, 12’, and 14’ lengths. You never want to use a ramp that has too steep of an incline, so choosing the right length is vital! 

There is an optional wheel kit that will help you out while transporting the ramp to the location in which you need to use it. This handy accessory item helps you roll the ramp instead of having to carry it and causing unnecessary back pain and strain. 

The walk ramp has two different attachment methods to be able to fasten it to the supporting surface that you will be loading onto or unloading from. Those two attachment methods are clevis pins and a hook that is located underneath the ramp that you can use to fasten a strap to the supporting surface.

For the TRAVERSE Walk Ramp, there is no assembly required since this ramp comes already assembled. The entire ramp is made of aluminum, which is very durable and strong. The curbs on each side of the ramp are built in and are two inches tall to help keep your load on the ramp surface while in use.

Whether you need this walk ramp to better perform your everyday job or if you simply want to have one on hand to move heavy objects around your home, the TRAVERSE Walk Ramp is a great option.

To purchase a TRAVERSE Walk Ramp or any other residential or commercial ramps or accessories, contact the professional team at EZ-ACCESS. They have been in business for almost four decades and can help you with all your ramping needs.

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