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Best Residential Accessories for Disabled Individuals

When someone has a disability, it can completely change the way they have to go about doing things on a daily basis. The way the person moves about their home while getting things accomplished likely has to change to ensure they can do so safely, comfortably, and functionally. A home can rapidly become a very challenging place that is full of obstacles and can even create dangerous situations when a person begins to experience some sort of disability. Staircases, bathrooms, kitchens, entryways, and even doorknobs can become hazardous basically overnight. Thankfully, there are many solutions that are in existence today that can make a home safe for someone with disabilities and allow them to function in the most effective and easy ways possible. 

The various solutions, including different residential accessories for disabled people, are listed below and will not only ensure a disabled person's safety but will also make their home comfortable while allowing for as much autonomy as possible. Read on for more information.

Different Residential Accessories for Disabled People

Safe Bathing is Important

Getting into and out of a bathtub is not only challenging for many disabled and elderly people but it can be downright dangerous for them. A great alternative solution is an inflatable bathtub that can sit atop their own bed, complete with a pillow that allows the person to enjoy their bath time the way that they should. These types of bathtubs are simply unrolled and then inflated around the person, which allows for a safe bathing experience with plenty of convenience for both the person and their caregiver. Many of these tubs come with all of the needed accessories to be able to inflate the tub as well as deflate it when you are done using it and even filling and draining the bathtub. It is best to choose one that is created from heavy-duty vinyl that is very durable and strong as well as latex-free, so it does not irritate the person’s skin.

Hair Washing Done Safely

A hair washing basin is a great thing to have on hand for a disabled person since it will allow them to have their hair washed and refreshed without even getting out of bed. The basin is not only comfortable and convenient but it will provide form-fitting support while cushioning the person's head and shoulders and will allow for a safe and secure hair-washing experience. The basin is not only convenient for the disabled person but their caregiver as well, since they can give them a quick shampoo and rinse their hair without having to lift or bend the person to get their head into a sink. This is a must-have when it comes to residential accessories for disabled people.

A hair washing tray is another option when it comes to residential accessories for disabled people. It will provide a great hair washing experience for a disabled person and it is super easy to use. The tray is contoured to fit the back of the person's neck very comfortably while resting on their shoulders so that they can have their hair shampooed while staying in a seated position. It is designed to be used safely with a wheelchair or a regular chair and is very compact and lightweight, so it eliminates any awkward bending for people with limited mobility and will decrease the amount of back strain for the caregiver.

Shower in Bed

A bedside shower is a must when it comes to home accessories for disabled individuals. This is great for a disabled person who has trouble getting into and out of the shower on their own. This overhead bedside shower can be hung on a bedpost or even an I.V. pole and is created to be used with a nearby source of water. If not, it will hold up to two and a half gallons of warm water from the tap at your home. It provides plenty of water to conduct a complete shampoo and rinse of someone’s hair without the person even having to leave their bed. This makes shampooing hair much easier for a disabled person and their caregiver.

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