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How to Use the TRAVERSE Multi-purpose Curb Plate

The TRAVERSE™ Multi-purpose Curb Plate is a one-piece plate designed to help you overcome curbs.

With an overall size of about 27 inches square and a height of just over three inches, this compact ramp can easily be stored in your truck, delivery van, etc. It weighs just 15 pounds, yet is rated to hold loads of up to 1,000 pounds, making it incredibly versatile.

In this TRAVERSE Multi-purpose Curb Plate user guide, you will learn more about handling this simple plate, including setting it up and using it safely. 

Setting Up the Plate

The TRAVERSE Multi-purpose Curb Plate has a straightforward design that makes it simple to use on curbs up to 5.75 inches high. The plate features a built-in carrying handle, which makes setting it up as simple as placing it in its final location. 

Ensure that the level lip at the top of the plate is securely resting on top of the curb that you intend to climb. Adjust the plate's positioning as you do to make sure that the lip overhangs the top of the curb completely and provides maximum support for your cart and yourself as you move up the plate. Adjust the plate's position, as well, to make sure that it is square with the curb – doing so helps to keep it in the most ideal position for when you need to use it.

After the plate is in place, make sure that the bottom of the ramp is flush with the bottom of the pavement to ensure that you can smoothly push your items up on the ramp and onto the elevated walkway. This process shouldn't take much time – you may have to change the plate's position if it is located on any area of the ground that doesn't feel level enough to use when you try to push up the cart, hand truck, etc.

Using This Plate

Using the TRAVERSE Multi-purpose Curb Plate is incredibly easy. Once you have set the plate down on the curb, take your cart with your item and square it up in front of the plate. Ensure that the item's weight doesn't exceed 1,000 pounds, and then push the cart slowly up the plate. 

Going down the plate is just as simple. Square up in front of the top of the plate and walk down with your cart. You can travel at various speeds up and down, but slower speeds are safer when going down because you minimize the risk of disturbing the plate and causing it to come off the curb. The Curb Plate does feature two curb stops on the underneath side to prevent sliding and will help to ensure the Curb Plate will stay in place while you use it.

Storage Steps

The TRAVERSE Multi-purpose Curb Plate is a trustworthy and reliable piece of equipment that should last you for many years. It’s aluminum structure and textured surface are designed to stand up to the rigors of repeated use, but storing it in a dry place will increase the longevity and help ensure that it doesn't get damaged. A large toolbox or the back of your vehicle are excellent places to store this handy curb plate.

Or if you have a large back seat where you can store many items, you may want to put the TRAVERSE Multi-purpose Curb Plate back there. Try to keep it on top of bulky items – remember, it can withstand 1,000 pounds of force, so keep that in mind when placing it in the back of your truck.

Safety Tips

Although this plate is 27 inches wide, it has a usable width of 26.5 inches. Make sure that you measure the cart, handtruck, or item you plan on using and make sure it doesn’t exceed the width of the plate. Doing so will ensure you don't run into any troubles, such as running into the side of the plate and triggering a potential tipping risk. 

Another measurement to keep in mind is the height of the side rails (1.5 inches). These assist in guiding carts, handtrucks, etc. and help keep them from running off the side of the Curb Plate while it is in use. You’ll need to make sure you have proper clearance.

Making sure to keep the cumulative weight that the curb plate is holding below 1,000 pounds is another safety tip that you should never dismiss. 

To learn more safety steps, such as proper maintenance or to check out our additional loading ramps, visit our website here.

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