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How to Ramp Up Your School's Accessibility Over Summer Break

Summer break is the perfect time to update access solutions for your school district to ensure entrances are easily accessible to all individuals on school grounds. Whether you need to replace existing ramps or add new ones, we have some solutions that will allow you to easily and quickly ramp up accessibility at your schools while students and faculty are not there.

Replacing Wood Ramps and Stairs  

Replacing wood ramps and stairs is a great way to start updating school accessibility. Because wood is not a durable material, it requires constant upkeep and may become hazardous for students and staff as it ages.

Common hazards from wood ramps and stairs include:  

  • Slick surface when wet that could cause potential slips
  • Compromised structure from rot and weather that can no longer safely handle loads
  • Protruding nails and weathered wood that could cause slivers
  • Warped boards that could increase the likelihood of trips


In order to ensure the access solutions at your schools are safe and durably constructed to facilitate getting students and faculty of all abilities from ground to entrance and vice versa, you need to implement solutions that are going to comply with codes, as well as withstand constant traffic, inclement weather, and the test of time. This is why we design systems that are constructed of high-strength aluminum that will not deteriorate, rot, warp, rust, etc. and encourage all public places to give wood the axe.

Moving away from wood doesn’t have to be a huge feat. The process is quite simple actually.

front view of worn out wooden stairs at a local school


Before: Worn Our Wooden Stairs at a Local School

top down view of worn out wooden stairs at a local school


Before: Worn Out Wooden Stairs at a Local School


front view of new aluminum TITAN stair replacement solution at a local school


After: New TITAN Stair Replacement Solution


top down view of new aluminum TITAN stair replacement solution at a local school


After: New TITAN Stair Replacement Solution

Basic steps to follow when replacing a wood ramp include:  

  • Tear down the existing ramp or set of stairs
  • Take a few critical measurements and note a few specific details about the entrance such as door width, door swing, and height from ground to door threshold
  • Work with our team to develop a ramp or stair system that complies with your local codes, as well as fits your layout, entrance height, and other requirements
  • Order the ramp or stair system and install it

Installing New Access Systems  

Another way to ramp up your school’s accessibility is by implementing new access systems so that individuals can safely enter and exit all elevated entrances and areas. Oftentimes, some entrances and areas are overlooked, so it’s important to evaluate and take into consideration all locations on campus.

Areas that may need access solutions include:  

  • Additional portable classrooms being put in
  • School buildings that need to swap a set of stairs for a ramp
  • School buildings that have a ramp at the primary entrance, but need a set of stairs at the secondary entrance
  • Areas that have no ramps or stairs that are hard to access such as tall dumpsters or AC units on the roof
  • Ramp systems currently in place that need stairs added to create dual entry/exit points for better traffic flow

All school grounds are different, thus requiring versatile solutions that are capable of meeting the needs of each unique entrance and area. This is why working with modular components comes in handy. You are able to build the exact configuration that fits the location, no matter how complex it may be. Configurations can be as simple as a straight ramp run or can get more elaborate with several turning points and or levels.

The nice thing about installing a modular aluminum ramp or stair system, rather than one made of other materials like wood or concrete, is that it requires far less time and tools to assemble and install. We ship standard, pre-assembled parts 24-48 hours after the time of purchase, so get your installers ready and have an access solution in place within a matter of hours after the system arrives!

Planning for Large School-sponsored Events  

While we don’t know what the next school year will look like, we do know the goal of school administrators is for students and staff to return to their classrooms and extracurriculars. Whenever you are able to host large group gatherings at your school again, make sure students, staff, and community members of all abilities have a safe way to access the event.  

Access solutions for large events include:

Our TITAN product used for ramp access at a stadium

Ramps for stadiums


Our TITAN product used for ramp access during graduation

Platforms with ramps and stairs for graduation stages

If you have questions about upgrading the access solutions at your school, the product experts on our team can provide you with the answers.

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