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Aluminum vs. Wood Wheelchair Ramps: Making the Right Choice for Fall

As fall approaches and the rainy season looms, it's important to consider the best options for wheelchair ramps to ensure easy accessibility for everyone. For wheelchair users, getting around can become even more challenging with wet and slippery surfaces. That's why it's necessary to invest in a high-quality wheelchair ramp that ensures safety and accessibility, even in inclement weather.

When it comes to choosing between aluminum and wood wheelchair ramps, there are several factors to consider. In this blog post, we'll delve into the advantages of aluminum ramps over their wooden counterparts, and why the PATHWAY® HD Code Compliant Modular Access System from EZ-ACCESS® is the optimal choice for all weather conditions.

1. Assembly and Installation: Less Expense, Less Time

One of the most significant advantages of aluminum wheelchair ramps is the ease of assembly and installation. Compared to wood ramps, which often require extensive carpentry work, aluminum ramps can be quickly put together using prefabricated modular components. This not only saves you time but also reduces the overall cost of installation. Also, due to their modular design, aluminum ramp systems can be easily disassembled and relocated as needed, unlike permanent wooden ramps. With EZ-ACCESS's PATHWAY HD system, setting up your ramp becomes a hassle-free experience.

2. Low-Maintenance Solution

Aluminum ramps are incredibly low maintenance compared to their wooden counterparts. While wood requires regular upkeep, including sealing, painting, and treating to prevent rotting, aluminum ramps are resistant to the elements. They are built to withstand rain, snow, and other weather conditions without the risk of deterioration. This means you can spend less time on maintenance and more time enjoying your ramp's functionality.

3. Durability and Longevity

Wooden ramps, unfortunately, are prone to rotting and wear over time. Exposure to the elements can cause wood to decay, warp, and splinter, leading to costly repairs or even replacement. On the other hand, aluminum ramps are built to last. They are designed with corrosion-resistant materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions without compromising their structural integrity. Investing in an aluminum ramp ensures long-lasting durability and peace of mind.

4. The PATHWAY HD Code Compliant Modular Access System

To provide the utmost accessibility and safety, EZ-ACCESS has developed the PATHWAY HD Code Compliant Modular Access System. This innovative ramp system is specifically designed to cater to individuals with mobility challenges, offering a reliable and weather-resistant solution for all seasons. With its slip-resistant surface and sturdy construction, the PATHWAY HD system ensures secure and seamless navigation, even in wet conditions.


When it comes to choosing a wheelchair ramp for your business, school, warehouse, jobsite, etc., the advantages of aluminum over wood are clear. Not only are aluminum ramps more cost-effective and easier to install, but they also require minimal maintenance and offer superior durability. If you're looking for a ramp that can withstand the upcoming fall rain and anything else the coming seasons might throw your way, the PATHWAY HD Code Compliant Modular Access System from EZ-ACCESS is the perfect solution for your access needs.

Your ramp should be a reliable companion that enhances your customers’, students’, and employees’ daily life, rain or shine. So, don't let the approaching rain dampen your spirits – opt for aluminum wheelchair ramps and take advantage of seamless access all year round.

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