How to Keep Employees Safe with Safe Building Access

How to Keep Employees Safe with Safe Building Access

June is National Safety Month, and EZ-ACCESS is here to help show you how to keep your employees safe! Follow these three steps to maintain a secure work environment and avoid costly injuries.


Make sure all your office steps are clearly visible! and not too small to be overlooked. Tripping over a small step is easily avoidable, but can lead to the worst injuries. If your workplace has a hidden gradation, post a sign or other notice to help make employees aware. EZ-ACCESS offers OSHA-compliant stairs that can be easily installed and offer a secure passage for all employees.


Kick difficult doorway transitions to the curb, and make sure your office entryways offer smooth transitions. EZ-ACCESS offers power door threshold ramps and mats, with many customizable options to make your building entryways easily accessible.


With building ADA regulations there are multiple areas of your workplace that need to be easily accessible. In addition to a complete site evaluation, check your building for stairs that may need a ramp.

At EZ-ACCESS we have the solution for all your accessibility commitments. We know accidents can happen anytime, but we encourage you to try these three steps to better prevent them. Give us a call at 800-451-1903 to learn more about how to make your workplace ADA compliant, we’ll show you how.  

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