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Independent Living Tips for Winter Weather

For individuals with limited mobility, maintaining independence in the home is critical to living the life you want.

If you happen to live in an area impacted by winter weather, you may need to take extra steps to make sure you can maintain safe accessibility and independence during a stretch of months where you may be spending a bit more time indoors. At EZ-ACCESS, we specialize in providing you with the accessibility solutions you need both inside and outside your home. We offer these tips so your home can remain accessible even when the temperatures start to drop.

semi-portable ramp at the entrance of a home decorated for the holidays with snow on the ground


Residential Accessibility Ramps for Winter Weather  

Ask yourself this question: Can I easily and confidently move about my home? If you answered “no,” then it’s time to add some accessibility solutions to your home.

Let’s start with solutions for the outside of the home. In winter weather, a semi-permanent ramp may be the best option to allow you to get the access you need. Unlike portable ramps, semi-permanent ramps don’t need to be picked up after every use. EZ-ACCESS's semi-permanent ramps are made of durable aluminum that won’t break down in the winter weather and is very low maintenance all year round.

Slick, icy, and snowy conditions may mean you have days when you’re stuck at home, so you need to consider ways of improving your ability to move from room to room. EZ-ACCESS offers several solutions for door thresholds that allow you to maintain access throughout the home. These door threshold ramps give you the ability to overcome any changes in elevation so you can move about your home freely.

Illustration of ice-melt, a shovel and a broom with thick bristles


Winter Weather Ramp Maintenance Tips  

Once your ramp is installed, you need to make sure you can use it, even when the winter weather hits your area. So, be sure to keep ice melt on hand so ice doesn’t build up and make your ramp slippery.

For our aluminum ramps, it’s best to use Magnesium Chloride, which is safe on the aluminum surface.

Additionally, be sure to have a plastic shovel and snow broom on hand so that your ramp can quickly be cleared.

space heater and blanket on a hardwood floor


Winter Weather Independence Tips for Inside the Home  

If the winter weather forces you to stay inside, there are a few things you can do to make sure you can get around your home. Colder weather means you may have extra blankets laying around, or space heaters in several rooms to keep you warm and cozy.

Make sure any hallways and walkways are free of blankets, heaters, or other items. Sometimes rugs can pose an additional danger so be on the lookout for those as well!

Remembering these tips ensures that anyone using a mobility device, including yourself, can easily navigate throughout your home safely.

We know winter weather can create a new set of challenges for everyone.  

If you need help making sure your home remains accessible to all during the winter months, please contact EZ-ACCESS

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