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How the Body Washing Basin is Helpful for Caregivers

Caring for patients can be a daunting task sometimes, especially if they have very little mobility.

For every caregiver, providing the best services is the ultimate goal. However, to make the work both safer and easier, caregivers must equip themselves with the appropriate tools. Keeping patients clean is one of the essential responsibilities of a caregiver and bathing patients in particular has never been easy. But, with the introduction of the  EZ-BATHE® Body Washing Basin from EZ-ACCESS, patients and caregivers alike are enjoying the convenience of refreshing in-bed baths. 

Let's look at some benefits of using body washing basins and other essential things you should know about the EZ-BATHE. 

Benefits of the Body Washing Basin for Caregivers and Patients

With the introduction of the EZ-BATHE Body Washing Basin, both patients and caregivers are reaping the benefits. From quick showers, safe bathing processes, and efficient body cleaning, this product is revolutionizing the world of caregiving.

Makes work easier

Caregivers have always had to transfer patients to the bathroom or use disposable basins with soap and water to perform a sponge bath. With these traditional techniques, the risk of injury or inadequate bathing is high. With the EZ-BATHE Body Washing Basin, this task has been simplified, and nurses and patients alike are having a better experience. Patients can now experience a bath the way it’s meant to be experienced, soaking wet! 

This bath sits atop the mattress and can be rolled out underneath the patient while they lay in bed. The bath comes with a two-gallon wet/dry vacuum that can be used to quickly and efficiently inflate the bath around the patient in a matter of minutes. Even more convenient is the hand-held showerhead that you can attach to the sink tap as a bathing water source. So, you don't have to carry water from one position to another as you bathe your patient or be forced to remove your patient from the bed to install the basin.

Also, there’s no more worrying about creating a mess when bathing your patient. This basin can efficiently accommodate water just like a standard bathtub and drain without much effort. The double tube design also helps to prevent splashes and spills during the bathing process.

Offers flexibility and comfort

The body washing basin can fit both on a standard bed and hospital bed, thus offering flexibility in the healthcare and home setting. It fits a person of up to 6 feet 2 inches tall, considering the internal measurements of 71 x 22 inches. The included inflatable pillow can be set up after the basin has risen. When it's time to wash or clean the hair, the inflatable pillow provides support for the patient, so there's no strain on the body.

A 25-foot hose attaches to any regular tap and has a showerhead that makes bathing and rinsing the patient both easy and more enjoyable; a 25-foot drainage hose with a regulator for flow control is also provided. The valve can be fully switched off to enable the basin to fill with water for immersive bathing or switched on to drain water as the showerhead adds more for constant showering.

Remember, the basin drains water by gravity. So, make sure your basin sits higher than the place you're draining your water into. If this is not done, improper drainage may occur.

Guarantees quality

The EZ-BATHE inflatable adult bathtub comes with all of the necessary accessories such as a 25-foot strengthened drain hose with an on/off valve, a 25-inch hose with a hand-held shower wand, a wet/Dry vacuum, etc. so everything you need is included. The product is made of heavy-duty vinyl material and is latex-free with a 1-year warranty to protect your purchase.

With the EZ-BATHE Body Washing Basin, you're guaranteed easy and comfortable patient care all the time. Just inflate it, attach it to a water source and start bathing your patient. When you're done cleaning your patient, hand-clean the basin using warm water while it's still inflated. Leave the unit to dry completely while still inflated before deflating it and folding it up for storage. 

For more information about the EZ-BATHE Body Washing Basin, contact EZ-ACCESS today.

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