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How Can I Customize the Modular Access System for My Home

If someone living in your home is coping with an injury, sickness, old age, or needs the aid of a wheelchair, walker, or other assistive device for any reason, you must turn your home into a space that promotes independence, comfort, and accessibility. There are a few options for making your current house more accessible. Making your home more accessible makes it feasible for someone to live comfortably, and installing a wheelchair ramp outside to offer better access into your house should be one of the first changes you make. When installing an access ramp, make sure it's customized to meet your specific needs. At EZ-ACCESS, we offer some of the best customizable modular access systems in the market, and our nationwide dealer network can help you install one in your home. Read on to understand how to customize the modular access system for your home.

Customizing the Modular Access System for Your Home

Your objective is to create a beautiful and functional pathway. No matter where you install it, you want a sturdy, attractive, and useful system. When you need a far more permanent solution for home accessibility than a simple portable ramp, the EZ-ACCESS PATHWAY 3G Modular Access System might be an excellent alternative. For years of durability, this modular ramp system is built in America from strong aluminum. 

The modular access system comes with various options, making it possible for you to customize it based on your home and accessibility requirements. Below are some features you can consider:

  • Layout: Perhaps the most important benefit of a modular ramp system is its ability to take components and create the most ideal layout for the home and user. Combining and configuring parts and pieces is exactly what it’s meant to do so that a convenient and fitting pathway can be added to the home.
  • Handrails: Modular ramps are designed with handrails to offer additional stability when moving up or down the system, especially when the ramp leads to a significantly high entrance, landing, or porch. There are several handrail styles to choose from so that you can be sure to have exactly what you need.
  • Gates: A gate will come in handy for those who want limited or controlled access to the ramp. You can install a gate at the beginning or end of the ramp. You can even make your gates lockable to increase security.
  • Stairs: Based on your needs, you may want to add a set of stairs to your system. This will help provide an extra point of access to your home for those who do not have limited mobility.
  • Solid landing pad: This is an excellent feature for ramps that end on a soft surface such as grass and sand. With this option, your ramp will not require a concrete pad for landing.

When determining the optimum location for your customizable modular access system, there are a few factors to bear in mind. Consider the following points:

The weather

If you want your modular ramp to dry fast after a rain, place it where it will be exposed to natural sunshine. You don't want your ramp to be right next to a tree that has lost its leaves, as this may be hazardous, particularly in the spring and autumn. It's a good idea to put it beneath an awning to keep the weather elements at bay.

Property lines

The worst thing you can do is encroach on your neighbor's property while installing your modular access system. Thankfully, you can secure a design that can fit precisely into your space with our customizable models without compromising safety or functionality. It's always prudent to confirm with your city to make sure you're placing it entirely within your property lines.

Entry point

It would be best if you chose the ideal doorway entry to your house, one that is conveniently positioned, ideally the broadest, and one that provides you with the best access to your home.

The Advantage of Customized Modular Access System

The customized modular access system from EZ-ACCESS has many significant advantages over other forms of accessibility options. Below are the advantages of a customized modular access system.

  • Easy installation: The complete system, including the handrails, can typically be installed in less than 30 minutes with just a few tools.
  • Wide choice of surface: The solid surface has a protruding tread with raised ribs for traction, and the expanded metal option allows water to drain quickly, keeping the surface dry and safe to walk on.
  • No need for significant alterations: There will be no effect on the value of your house since you will not have to make any permanent structural alterations, such as pouring concrete footers, and there will be no permanent construction. Simple assembly procedures are used to put the entire system together.
  • Durable and safe; This Modular Ramp is composed of high-strength aluminum that will not rust in the outdoors and has a slip-resistant surface that will keep traction in all conditions.

At EZ-ACCESS, we understand the importance of having a modular access system suited for your home. For more information, reach out to our customer service team (800) 451-1903, and we'll be happy to assist you in finding the best accessibility solution for your home.

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