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Modular Entry Ramp Installation

The TRANSITIONS® Modular Entry Ramp is a relatively small ramp that can make home entrances more accessible. Most entryways have a step or threshold that someone would need to step over to enter a home or building. However, those in a wheelchair or scooter, those using a walker, or those with declining balance cannot easily wheel or walk over a small step or raised threshold. This is where incredibly useful mobility aids such as threshold ramps come into play. An entry ramp can be placed at the base of the doorway, making the transition into the home a smooth one. 

There are many different types of modular entry ramps on the market, and as such, it is important to learn about their capabilities and advantages before purchasing one. Here are a few of the advantages of the TRANSITIONS Modular Entry Ramp.

The Ramp Is Made From Aluminum

One of the benefits associated with the TRANSITIONS Modular Entry Ramp is that it is made from aluminum. This aluminum ramp can support up to 700 pounds of weight, which is a lot for such a small ramp. Another benefit to this ramp being made from aluminum is that aluminum is not a metal that will rust or corrode like other types of metal does. This means that the ramp can stay outside with minimal care or maintenance and elements such as rain or humidity will not damage the ramp. This helps it to last.

The Ramp Features a Slip-resistant Surface

One of the lesser-known benefits of the TRANSITIONS Modular Entry Ramp is that the ramp has a slip-resistant surface. When metal gets wet, it can become slippery. This can be problematic for whoever is trying to walk on the ramp to enter or exit your home. This particular ramp has a permanent, built-in slip-resistant surface that helps provide added traction for shoes, wheelchairs, or walkers traversing over the ramp. 

The Ramp Has an Adjustable Flap For Stability

One of the more unique features associated with the TRANSITIONS Modular Entry Ramp is that it has an adjustable flap that can be added to the top of the ramp. This can help close a small gap between the doorway entry and the ramp itself creating an even smoother transition into the home. The flap has pre-drilled anchoring holes that allow it to be secured to the surface it is resting on to ensure stability. This model’s adjustable flap also pivots up and down offering a ¼” of additional height flexibility in either direction. This can help tremendously if your threshold isn’t the exact height of the ramp sizes available. 

The Ramp Comes in Different Heights and Lengths 

Not every doorway is the same, which means people need ramps that come in different sizes to ensure the one they purchase is tall enough for the step or threshold they’re trying to overcome. The TRANSITIONS Modular Entry Ramp comes in a variety of different heights and lengths. Seven sizes are available ranging from 1” in height to 6”. This means that this ramp will work for a wide range of entrances. 

The Ramp is Lightweight and Easy to Install

The final benefit associated with the TRANSITIONS Modular Entry Ramp is that the ramp is lightweight and easy to install. Depending on which model you select, the ramp may only weigh three pounds. The largest ramp only weighs 20 pounds. This makes it easy to maneuver and install on your own. Installation is also easy. You simply slide the sections of the ramp together and secure them together with provided hardware. If using the adjustable flap at the top, you can slide that piece into the top section of the ramp. All that’s left is anchoring the ramp to your surface. All in all, it should take less than 30 minutes to install the ramp and have it ready for use.

The TRANSITIONS Modular Entry Ramp is a small, lightweight metal entry ramp that is easy to install. This allows those in a wheelchair or walker to get over a small step or threshold into your home without any issues. If you are looking to purchase this door threshold ramp, EZ-ACCESS has a nationwide network of durable medical equipment dealers that offer this product. You can use the EZ-ACCESS Dealer Locator tool to find one in your local area. You can also purchase the ramp from an online retailer as well. Reach out to us today and let us help you find the ramps you need to make your home accessible!

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