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Home Safety for the Holidays

Have you already started to picture it?

All of your loved ones gathered under the same roof, curled up in blankets on a chilly winter evening and recounting everything that has happened since you were all together last. There are dozens of age-old traditions many participate in every winter season. The most common is likely time with family. In other words, let the home preparations begin!

We know there is plenty of decorating and dusting to be done, but have you thought about your friends and family with limited mobility, yet? In order for guests to feel welcome, they should be able to access every part of your home. Below are a few of our top tips for home accessibility solutions in order to allow easy access in every room.

portable ramp

Portable Ramps

If a friend or family member with mobility issues does not live in the house, there is not an immediate need for a permanent ramp. Instead, portable ramps are a great option because they are lightweight and quick to set up. When the friend or family member comes over for a visit, simply unfold the portable ramp and ensure it’s stable, then welcome the guest into your home. Once your loved one’s visit is over, you can fold a portable ramp up and store it in your garage until the next time you get to have that individual over!

There are several different types of portable ramps to choose from, so feel free to contact us for help finding one that works for your home!

accessible toilet

Bathroom Safety

This is another area where you can prepare your home to give your guests with mobility challenges the independence they desire. Most individuals, especially elderly, are at risk of injury in the bathroom due to the slick surfaces. By equipping your bathroom with key safety features, your guests can have privacy and avoid the hassle of bathroom assistance.

threshold ramp

Door Thresholds

That extra ledge between doorways may be the only thing keeping your entrances from being accessible. When an individual lives with mobility issues, it’s often difficult to maneuver over a ledge without a little extra assistance. This might not seem like a huge deal, but adding a slight slope can make a world of difference for anyone who uses equipment such as wheelchairs, power chairs, scooters, or walkers. Anyone that uses this type of equipment fights for their ability to function independently every day. Giving them that freedom while at your house can be that extra touch of hospitality that shows just how much you care.

    We hope these tips help you enjoy quality time with your loved ones this holiday season.

    If you have any questions about implementing these access solutions in your home, reach out to us today!

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