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A Homegrown Recipe for a Successful Patient Transfer

Does the thought of transferring a patient by yourself intimidate you?

EZ-ACCESS has developed a foolproof recipe for the perfect patient transfer every time. With just a few ingredients, you will be on your way to successful transfers without all of the stress and worry.


One (1) ORBIT® Patient Transfer Lift


One (1) Savaria Monarch Portable Motor


One (1) Savaria Universal Support Sling or Hygienic Sling



Call EZ-ACCESS to order your American-made ORBIT Patient Transfer Lift.  

  • The articulating arm offers up to a 5-foot reach in all directions.
  • The pivoting stanchion provides 360-degree access to a large portion of the room it’s installed in.
  • The compact device offers a single post design that frees up space in order to easily maneuver around.

Decide if the Savaria Monarch Portable Motor option is right for your patient’s needs.

  • The ultra-lightweight design allows for trouble-free handling if needing to relocate the motor to another device and can accommodate up to 440 pounds of weight.
  • The hand control is waterproof, easy to clean, and can be used to move the patient up and down without having to use the controls that are directly on the motor.
  • The motor only needs 10-15 minutes of charge per day so you never have to worry about a dead battery.

Attach the chosen sling for moving the patient.

  • With two sling options, you can make sure you have the right sling for the right application every time.
  • The universal support sling gives you the most positioning options.
  • Traditionally used for any surface-to-surface transfer, this sling has fully breathable mesh fabric and offers full body support.
  • The hygienic sling is the best option if you’re using the sling to transfer a patient for bathing, toileting, or hygienic care activities.

Now that you have prepared all of your ingredients, you are ready to transfer your patient to each necessary location with ease.

With a large reach, motorized lift, and multiple sling options, this recipe should give you the perfect patient transfer every time.

Be sure to contact EZ-ACCESS get the ingredients you need to get started today.

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