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Features of the TRANSITIONS Angled Entry Plate

When you’re in your home, you get from room to room by traveling through doorways. Many of those doorways aren't constructed to be entirely level though. Instead, a slight step up or step down may await you at every threshold. But that step might not be so easy to navigate if you or someone you love has mobility issues. That's where the TRANSITIONS® Angled Entry Plate for raised door thresholds comes into play. It is a simple and safe way to make sure that doorways aren't a challenge even for someone who uses assistive devices or is at risk of slipping or falling. 

For anyone who may need to modify their thresholds for easier navigation around the home, this blog will cover the features of the TRANSITIONS Angled Entry Plate to help you determine if this is the right solution for you.

What are the main features of the TRANSITIONS Angled Entry Plate?

The TRANSITIONS Angled Entry Plate is a stand-alone piece that acts as a small ramp to make transitions through doorways with raised thresholds, much smoother. It is a single piece of aluminum that doesn't contain any moving parts, which means no assembly is required. It is simply set in place and it’s ready to be used, making this an incredibly quick and convenient solution. While the plate is portable and can be moved from one doorway to the next, it does come with pre-drilled holes that make it easy to screw it into a permanent spot for secure placement.

The entry plate is covered with a black, slip-resistant textured surface to help ensure a secure grip when using the plate either indoors or outdoors.

The TRANSITIONS Angled Entry Plate comes in three different sizes to ensure a good fit for your doorway. There are 8, 10 and 12-inch plates available that can accommodate up to a 2-inch threshold. The plate itself weighs five pounds or less but is capable of holding 700 pounds.

Every plate comes with a lifetime warranty and is made in the U.S.A.

Who Needs a TRANSITIONS Angled Entry Plate?

These entry plates are the perfect companion for anyone who gets around the house with mobility assistance. Whether it's a walker, a motorized scooter, a wheelchair or a cane, moving across the threshold becomes easier than ever. Angled Entry Plates are perfect for anyone who is at risk of tripping or losing their footing while taking a step up or down. The angled design and the no-slip covering make every footstep safer and more secure to help eliminate trip hazards.

Additional features of the TRANSITIONS Angled Entry Plate

The main feature is how much safety an angled entry plate adds to a threshold. No more hanging onto door frames and trying to precariously maneuver out the front door. With a TRANSITIONS Angled Entry Plate someone can walk or ride smoothly from one level to another. Someone navigating their threshold in a wheelchair or scooter can confidently make their move under the support and traction of a TRANSITIONS Angled Entry Plate.

The TRANSITIONS Angled Entry Plate doesn't require any additional special equipment or a professional installer. 

This entry plate is really worth its weight. It can support up to 700 pounds coming across the threshold making it a safe option for wheelchair and scooter users.

How Do You Customize a TRANSITIONS Angled Entry Plate?

The TRANSITIONS Angled Entry Plate is available in three different sizes to create a custom fit against a doorway. The 8, 10 and 12-inch lengths will work with many threshold, but to know which is right for your home, ensure that you select the right size: 

8” x 32” accommodates thresholds up to 1.3125”
10” x 32” accommodates thresholds up to 1.625”
12” x 32” accommodates thresholds up to 2”

Once you have identified the spots in your home that could benefit from mobility assistance, the angled entry plate can be placed in seconds.

If you have needs that extend beyond the scope of an angled entry place, you can trust EZ-ACCESS with all your door threshold and other mobility issues. We have more than 35 years of experience offering the finest safety products. And we are the country's number one supplier of accessibility solutions. You can trust the safety experts at EZ-ACCESS.

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