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Easy Steps for a Successful Patient Transfer

Living with limited mobility can present a unique set of challenges that many people don’t think of, including getting in and out of bed safely.

But for individuals living with limited mobility and their caregivers, it can be a struggle every day without the right equipment. To aid patients, loved ones, and caregivers, EZ-ACCESS offers the ORBIT® Patient Transfer Lift to make transferring easier and safer.

But what do you need to make sure you’re using your ORBIT safely?

Follow these steps to ensure you’re performing safe transfers every time.

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Make Sure You’re Trained for Patient Transfers  

When it comes to using a patient transfer lift system safely, training is the first step. There are specific instructions that you need to follow for every transfer. Understand how each component of the lift system is supposed to work. If you’re unsure, don’t perform the transfer. Instead, have a trained professional complete the transfer and walk you through each step to ensure you can safely perform the next one.

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Follow Lift System’s Established Specifications & Acceptable Uses  

The ORBIT should only be used for transferring patients. It should not be used for any other lifting tasks. Don’t perform any transfers with patients weighing more than the unit is capable of handling. Keep in mind the weight capacity for the ORBIT is 440 pounds and this includes the total weight of the equipment (motor, sling, etc.) and the patient. Finally, before making the transfer, check that a medical professional has approved the patient for a transfer before beginning. If the patient has any specialized medical equipment (electrodes, catheters, IVs, etc.), make sure using the lift will not impact the function of any of the equipment.

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Be Sure the Patient Transfer Lift System is in Working Order  

NEVER perform a transfer if you believe there is anything wrong with the transfer lift system. Before starting a transfer, check the sling to be sure it can handle the patient’s weight and is properly attached. It’s also important to perform regular maintenance and cleaning on your transfer lift system that is in line with the manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedule.

EZ-ACCESS designed the ORBIT for ease of use. But if you have any questions about how to safely use the ORBIT, our team can answer those questions.  

Please contact us - we’d be happy to help you.

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