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3 Ways to Prepare Your Access Solutions for Winter

If you’ve ever lived in an area that receives heavy snowfall, you know how much damage this cold precipitation can cause.

And we’re not talking damage to material possessions – we’re talking about the injuries from slipping on ice and sliding over slick snow. If you’re working with a business, or you’re responsible for a business, it’s important that proper measures are taken to ensure safety for anyone who visits your location this winter. Here are the top three ways you can prepare access solutions for winter.

Step 1

Clear the Obstacles

We’re specifically talking about clearing obstacles for stair systems and wheelchair ramps, but this also applies to any entrance customers or clients use to access the building. As snow falls, it’s important to regularly sweep it off ramps and stair systems so all individuals have a safe way to get in the door. When using stairs or ramps, it can be highly dangerous to try and maneuver around a mound of snow, so every bit of the fluffy ice crystals need to be cleared off. Be sure to use a thick bristled push broom or plastic snow shovel instead of a metal shovel, as this will damage the aluminum.

Step 2

Get a Grip

After you sweep the snow off a set of stairs or a ramp, what’s left? Most likely a thin layer of water that’s bound to be trouble. Some could slip on the water as they enter the building, or worse yet, the water turns to ice with the potential to cause a severe injury. To prevent hazardous falls, we suggest sprinkling a layer of Magnesium Chloride salt substitute on the access solution to melt snow or ice accumulation. If you have a ramp made of aluminum, like the TITAN™ Code Compliant Modular Access System, a simple cleaning of the tread surface after the snow and ice has cleared will remove any sort of Magnesium Chloride residue.

Step 3

Play the Long Game

Consider investing in an aluminum ramp or stair system that will outlast a wood ramp or set of stairs. Weather such as snow, rain, and sleet warp wood access products, making them unsafe. This requires regular maintenance and frequent rebuilding to ensure there are no injuries entering your business. In the long run, wood access solutions are actually more expensive than aluminum solutions because of these necessary maintenance needs. Invest in an aluminum access solution now, and get peace of mind knowing it can outlast the elements.

Follow these tips to help prevent customers and clients from hazardous falls this winter.

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