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Accessibility for All: Massachusetts Department of Corrections Project

Everyone deserves equal accessibility, including those who are incarcerated. Serving a sentence shouldn’t mean the absence of mobility or compassion. When the Massachusetts Department of Corrections needed a way to ensure people could get onto a platform in the facility for recognition or speaking events, they turned to EZ-ACCESS® to find a commercial wheelchair ramp.

Creating the Perfect Solution

After talking with the Department of Corrections to learn about their current layout and what they needed to improve access at the facility, EZ-ACCESS designed a 54” wide PATHWAY® HD Code Compliant Modular Access System equipped with handrails that had custom end loops. A straight ramp was selected to fit the layout of the room so that the rest of the area remained open and versatile. Our PATHWAY HD products meet ADA requirements, meaning that the design and construction would satisfy the facility’s mandate to follow the regulations. Massachusetts also has additional accessibility codes, including requiring child rails. As part of our solution, EZ-ACCESS was able to include that component to ensure the local regulations were met in addition to the federal ones. 

How EZ-ACCESS Surpasses the Rest

Our access solutions go beyond the minimum—our ADA-compliant ramps include special features such as raised-rib treads to ensure a slip-resistant surface that provides the user with extra stability. Whether used indoors or outdoors, this feature provides an added layer of safety to anyone walking up or down the surface. The Research and Design team at EZ-ACCESS has thoughtfully crafted every ramp, platform, rail, and stair to provide your facility with features that make access easy. 

Made from lightweight and durable aluminum, the commercial wheelchair ramp will be a long-lasting installation at the Massachusetts Department of Corrections facility with minimal effort to maintain. Wood or other materials may decay and corrode, but aluminum is resilient to the effects of time and the environment. While intended to be permanent, if the Department of Corrections were to do renovations or install new flooring, the ramp could easily be removed to accommodate the project. Just like the short installation time, it doesn’t take long to deconstruct the system if the need arises. 

Tailoring the Solution to Your Situation

Our commercial ramps can be customized to fit all your needs. The modular design of the PATHWAY HD line provides flexibility in how you can deliver access to your facility. If you're unsure about your requirements or have a unique layout, our EZ-ACCESS Customer Service team is available to assist you in finding the optimal solution. We’re staffed with experts in different areas of accessibility who can collaborate with you to determine the best solution. When you send us a message or give us a call, we will carefully consider the current situation and objectives,  and help determine the best way to transform them into reality using our modular access systems

Accessibility should be available universally, no matter what the building is used for. Everyone deserves the chance to experience mobility in the places they live, work, and interact. Make access a priority for your commercial space with customizable EZ-ACCESS solutions.

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