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Portable Wheelchair Ramps (Residential)

If your mobility is limited or you are a caretaker for someone with mobility differences, the need for an accessibility ramp travels everywhere with you. When visiting a friend’s house, heading out of town to see family for a holiday, or even moving short-term, you need options to create accessibility in that space. Even if you have a temporary change in mobility following an injury or surgery, having portable ramps can make your life a lot easier. Whether you’re seeking a portable folding ramp that’s easy to transport or a solid one-piece ramp with handrail options that offers a long-term solution for accessing your home, we have a variety of styles and sizes to suit any need. Each situation requires a different access solution, which is why EZ-ACCESS® offers a variety of wheelchair ramps for your home

Durable Design That Will Last a Lifetime

EZ-ACCESS portable wheelchair ramps include a variety of foldable ramps in our SUITCASE® line and solid surface, one-piece ramps in our GATEWAY® 3G line. Each ramp is made of durable aluminum and features a slip-resistant surface that you’ll be able to use safely in all weather conditions. A longer-term portable ramp for wheelchair use will also be able to withstand the effects of weather, avoiding corrosion and decay that other materials could be prone to experiencing. Aluminum allows the ramp to be lightweight, making it easier to transport, fold, and deploy. This removes the burden from anyone setting it up or removing it and makes it more user-friendly. 

Our portable ramps also include self-adjusting ground transition plates to ensure mobility devices, such as scooters, walkers, and wheelchairs, have an easy transition from ramp to ground. The ground transition plates form a level bridge between the ramp and the place it’s connecting to, creating a smooth change between the two. This helps ensure the ramp meets your needs in a variety of environments and situations. The SUITCASE ramps are all compatible with the Top Lip Extension, which extends the transition plate an additional 6” to help get past the bumper of a vehicle. 

SUITCASE ramps are our line of folding ramps that come in several varieties. They are available in lengths ranging from 2 to 10 feet so that you can select the right ramp for your exact needs, whether that’s accessing your front entryway or loading a mobility device into the back of an SUV. The SUITCASE Singlefold Ramp and SUITCASE Singlefold AS Ramp both fold in half lengthwise and have a convenient handle to make carrying easy. The SUITCASE TRIFOLD® AS Ramp not only folds in half lengthwise, but also across the width at mid-distance to shorten the storage length. This makes it great for transporting in space-constrained vehicles. All of our portable wheelchair ramps come in multiple lengths, so you can get exactly what you need.

GATEWAY 3G ramps are available in lengths up to 10 feet to accommodate multiple steps and those higher curbs and raised entryways. Handrails are available for these ramps to offer added security and support, especially for those walking up and down the ramp rather than using a mobility device. The GATEWAY 3G is great for longer-term solutions that still need to be capable of quick movement to another location. This product is great for temporary access needs after a medical event or if you prefer not to make permanent modifications to a home. Like all of our ramps, the GATEWAY 3G includes a slip-resistant design that will help minimize the risk of falls.

Quick Setup and Easy Transport

The last thing you want is a portable ramp that is complicated and time-consuming to handle. Portable ramps need to be easy to move from place to place, quick to set up when you need them, and easy to remove when it’s time to leave. All of our portable wheelchair ramps for steps have these features, but for ultimate transportability, we recommend any one of our three styles of SUITCASE ramps. These are lightweight and can easily be stowed in a vehicle for their next use thanks to their folding design and aluminum body. GATEWAY 3G ramps, however, are most ideal for at-home use when repositioning is occasional rather than frequent. While still portable, the GATEWAY 3G does not fold and is better for temporary or semi-permanent use at home. The choice in ramp all comes down to how you’ll be using it and what features will benefit you the most. 

Selecting a portable wheelchair ramp requires understanding what you need most for your unique situation and matching that to the many options available. This is where the EZ-ACCESS Customer Service team excels—tell us what you need, and we’ll make sure you get the right product! Call us at 1-800-451-1903 or send us a message, and we’ll help connect you with the perfect portable ramp so that residential barriers are a thing of the past.

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