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Decorating Your Outdoor Access Solutions for the Holidays

If you have a wheelchair ramp at the entrance of your home, it can be included in festive holiday decorations as well!

We’re giving you three fun examples of how to incorporate your wheelchair ramp into your décor.

ramp and christmas lights

A Tunnel of Lights  

Light up the world with a tunnel of lights surrounding a residential wheelchair ramp. This decoration is very simple, but makes a big impression. Gather pieces of PVC that are long enough to arc over the wheelchair ramp without obstructing access, and plant both ends on either side of the ramp. Once there are several pieces of PVC arced over the ramp, wrap lights around each piece in whatever color you want! Some people go for a frosty feel with a crystal white arc, while others go for the whole rainbow with multi-colored lights!

ramp with candy canes

Candy Cane Lane  

This one is sure to make a statement. Create a winter wonderland by lining the outside of a wheelchair ramp with oversized candy cane lights. Whether they face out or toward the ramp, the candy canes create an arch effect for people to move through on their way to your front door. It’s truly magical. These lights can be secured in the ground so they don’t fall over. Make sure the candy cane lights aren’t too close to the ramp as there still needs to be an ample amount of room for people to use the railings as they enter your home.

home at night santa claus

Santa’s Reindeer  

Has anyone else dreamed of visiting the North Pole? Why not turn your house into that very place? The first step is adding Santa’s Reindeer to both sides of the wheelchair ramp.  With your ramp at an incline, it looks like Santa’s Sleigh is flying up, up, and away! Next, simply stick a North Pole sign in the yard and everyone who comes to visits will be at a dream destination!

Whether you keep things traditional or display an entire winter wonderland outside your home, this is a surefire way to get into the holiday spirit.

Let us know if you come up with any ideas of your own! We hope you have a safe and happy holiday season.

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