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Contactless Ramp Installation for Schools & Businesses

As companies around the nation adjusted to a contactless business model throughout COVID-19, EZ-ACCESS already had things covered.


Our team of experts, project coordinators, and engineers already communicated with schools, businesses, and other public entities across the country from a remote location; and thanks to the simplified, modular design of our product, on-site personnel are typically capable of setting up our access systems without needing assistance from our installer network.

Read through these steps for our contactless ramp installation process from start to finish.

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Step 1:Take measurements of the area where the access solution is needed  

Accurate measurements are essential for our team to assist you in choosing the right accessibility solution for your building. The most important measurements for our team to have are:

  • Rise of the ramp from the top step/landing to the ground
  • Elevation
  • Length of the ramp. In order to meet ADA standards, for every inch of height, 12 inches of ramping is needed
  • Width of the doorway

If you have questions about how to accurately measure for your ramp solution, the team at EZ-ACCESS is ready to help you get started

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Step 2: Take pictures of the area needing an access solution  

In order to assess what may be the best access solution for your entrance, photos of the entrance and surrounding area are required. This allows our team to see any potential obstacles that your new ramp may need to avoid.

illustration of a woman on a video call with an EZ-ACCESS customer service representative

Step 3: Schedule a call with EZ-ACCESS to share images and measurements  

Once you have all the measurements and photos taken, it’s time to have a conversation with the team of experts at EZ-ACCESS. Our team specializes in evaluating your needs. The measurements and photos you provide are combined with our knowledge, and through our discussions with you, we’ll provide you with a recommendation for the best ramp for your entrance.

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Step 4: Order the access solution  

Once we’ve provided you with the possible configurations that will work for your project, it’s time for you to choose a solution. We’re available to answer any questions about the ramps or provide you with our professional recommendation for which access solution is best.

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Step 5: Schedule installation  

Our products have been designed with the installer in mind. The modular systems can typically be set up by one person, in a short window of time, using minimal tools. They are also likely installed outdoors so safe social distancing can take place. This all makes for scheduling installation with on-site maintenance, facilities, or other personnel a less complicated process.

While we do make it easy for your own staff to install our products, EZ-ACCESS has a nationwide network of contractors who can install your new ramp solution for you. Our team can connect you with a local installation expert in your area so you can get your project scheduled at a time that works best for you.

Our team is ready to help you through the entire process of contactless ramp installation at your location.

Get the process started by contacting our Customer Service team.

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