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Contactless Home Ramp Installation

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals and businesses around the world have had to adjust their everyday routines to ensure everyone stays healthy. We, along with our nationwide network of durable medical equipment providers, understand that access is essential. This is why we’re working together to continue providing vital solutions during this time. Although many of our ramps are simple to set up, our dealers usually install our modular ramp systems for you to ensure they are safely and properly put together.  

Our dealers and their installers are doing their absolute best to continue making these ramp installations happen. Many are performing contactless evaluations and installations, and are maintaining a safe social distance while they get the job done.

Whether your loved ones need a quick solution that you can set up or install yourself or a larger accessibility system that you need an installer for, we have the product and people ready to meet your needs.

How to Install a Ramp at Home

Choose a Ramp for Your Home

Transitions home ramp.

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If you have doors or entrances with raised thresholds throughout your home, you may want to consider placing one of our TRANSITIONS threshold ramps, mats, or plates at these locations to allow for a smooth transition. These are simple to set up and can offer ease of access in a matter of minutes.

Our various models accommodate a range of threshold heights and create an inclined surface that can allow for a more gradual, stabilized set of movements to help reduce potential tripping hazards, making your home safer and more comfortable. This enables individuals with mobility devices to remain independent as they maneuver throughout their home.


View the SUITCASE® Products


If you are looking for a ramp that can be used to eliminate barriers, such as curbs or steps, that limit access for mobility device users, or you need to load a mobility device into a vehicle, our SUITCASE® portable folding ramp line has three options that can help take you where you need to go.

  • The Singlefold Ramp: Available in 2’-8’ sizes, made of long-lasting, lightweight aluminum, and can easily be set up, used, and then stowed away quickly
  • The Singlefold AS Ramp: Available in 2’-6’ sizes, made of aluminum with an applied surface for superior traction, and can be carried by a loved one or caregiver anywhere you need
  • The Trifold® AS Ramp: Available in 5’-10’ sizes, can separate for easier transport and is ideal for when a longer ramp is needed

Our portable ramps have the safety and strength required while remaining light and portable, allowing you to have easy access wherever you may go.

GATEWAY 3G Home ramp.

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The GATEWAY 3G is a great solution for home entrances and exits that have obstacles such as stairs. It is a semi-permanent ramp, which means it can be moved, but it’s not as portable or transport-friendly as our SUITCASE ramps. It is a gateway between our portable ramps and our larger modular ramp systems, so if your entrance isn’t high enough to elicit a full-on ramp system, this could be a great in-between.

With just a few simple steps, handrails can easily be added to each side to the GATEWAY 3G to offer additional stability when moving up or down the ramp and a built-in slip-resistant surface helps provide all-weather traction. The all-aluminum design offers minimal maintenance and durability for everyday use.

PATHWAY 3G Home ramp.

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The PATHWAY® 3G Modular Access System is intended to eliminate permanent barriers, such as a set of stairs, that can prevent those with limited mobility or that rely on a mobility device to access their home.

Our modular access system consists of:

  • Ramps
  • Platforms
  • And Stairs

All of which may be combined and configured in a variety of ways to provide a customized, accessible pathway. The PATHWAY 3G has a variety of surface and handrail options to choose from, and is a perfect solution when needing to accommodate entrances with a significant elevation. This makes it an excellent choice when your needs extend beyond the scope of a temporary or portable ramp.

Depending on your home’s layout, these ramp systems can be large and sometimes more complex, so a trained, experienced installer will likely do an evaluation prior to installation to determine what you need and then will perform the installation. All of which can happen without any contact, especially since these systems are almost always installed on the exterior of the home.

Due to the modularity and design of these systems, they can be assembled in a matter of hours, require little maintenance, and will last for years to come.

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Contactless Home Ramp Installation

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Schedule a Time for Contactless Home Ramp Installation  

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If you choose to order the PATHWAY 3G, you can communicate with a local dealer about a contactless installation. You can work with them to schedule a time for someone to come out and evaluate your home then assemble your ramp, all without them needing to step foot inside.

So, feel free to stay inside, relax, and enjoy a contactless home ramp installation.  

If you have any questions about this process or any EZ-ACCESS ramp products, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Service team!

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