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Benefits of Modular Ramp Systems for Handicapped Individuals

If you’ve ever wondered why a modular ramp system would be advantageous to install for those with limited mobility, we have the answers.

Many households opt for constructing ramps from scratch out of materials such as wood and concrete, however they are missing out on some incredible benefits that modular ramp systems bring to the table. Let’s discuss them!

A Modular System Means Easy Access and Easy Installation

A modular ramp system comes in manageable pieces that are configured together to create a layout that best fits your home. These systems have components available in a variety of lengths and sizes so that they can be constructed to suit your exact space and your requirements without the need for a high-level custom craftsman or heavy-duty tools. These ramps can be put together to provide easy access to just about any type of entrance that you have, making navigating to and from our home a breeze.

Another great benefit is that the system, consisting of ramps, platforms, handrails, and sometimes other components such as stairs, can be put together both quickly and easily. A 24 ft (7 m) system can be constructed in about an hour. 

If your requirements change, or you move to a new house, it is simply a case of taking the access system apart and changing it up or bringing it along with you. This can be done as quickly and easily as putting it up.

A Modular Access System Will Not Change the Value of Your House

We are all concerned about the resale value of our home. Even if you have no intention of moving, you don’t want the value of the property to decline. You may avoid making any permanent changes, even if they are necessary and will suit you.

One of the benefits of installing a modular ramp system is that it is considered a temporary structure that can be taken down just as easily as it can be installed. There are no poured footers needed and no permanent modifications required. This means it won’t affect your property value.

The Construction Means Durability and Assurance

All of the components that make up a modular ramp system from EZ-ACCESS are made from aluminum. This is a very durable material and can withstand different weather conditions well. The system will not deteriorate when it remains outside in the sun, rain, or snow. The material is also environmentally friendly. 

The system has a 1,000 lb. weight capacity to securely get you from point A to point B. All of the joints and sides of the ramps, platforms, stairs, and handrails are finished so that they are smooth so you can safely traverse up and down. There is also plenty of maneuvering room so that a mobility device such as a powerchair can be used without obstacles. 

The Surfaces of the System Are Perfect for Handicapped Users

The beauty of the modular access system is that the surfaces are built-in and offer great traction. They are available in either solid surface or expanded metal. The solid surface featured raised ribs, which provide superior slip-resistance.

The expanded metal surface is made up of diamond-shaped openings. This gives the surface traction in any direction. The holes in the expanded metal surface also mean that grime and water cannot accumulate. You will avoid the potential hazard of things such as snow accumulation by opting for this surface. 

Handrails, Angled Platforms, and Other Optional Components Add to the Usefulness of the  Modular System

The elevated landing platforms of the modular system are available in square, rectangle, and 45-degree angle shapes and are designed to help accommodate your pathway a little easier than conventional access systems. This means that the system doesn’t have to be cookie-cutter and boxed into a set of standardly offered layouts.

Handrails run along the entire length of the system. There is a two-line rail, which gives a second level of grip for the user. The top handrail is continuous and provides a smooth run for your hands.There’s also vertical and horizontal picket options that enclose either size of the ramp and platform a bit more for an extra level of safety. 

The modular ramp system has a solid landing pad option that can be situated at the bottom of the ramp. This can be placed over any surface and provides a strong, even surface from which to access or exit the ramp. You don’t need to add a concrete pad at the end of the ramp, extend the walkway, or attempt to navigate a mobility device over uneven terrain.

Take the step to easy access

If you’re in need of a ramp at your home, make sure you weigh your options! Building a wood ramp from the ground up, just isn’t an easy task and won’t last for a very long time. Take the aluminum route, and better yet, the aluminum modular ramp system route. These systems are available from EZ-ACCESS and come with a lifetime warranty. Call today and make a change to make your life easier by making your home more accessible.

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