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PATHWAY HD Code Compliant Modular Access System

There are many scenarios where individuals and businesses may need a code-compliant ramp system. These highly reinforced walkways and platforms are ideal for temporary structures, modular building setups, public locations, and more. It’s a safe and secure way to get individuals of all levels of mobility from one point to another without unnecessary risks and challenges.

Advantages of the PATHWAY HD Code Compliant Modular Access System

There are many reasons to purchase a PATHWAY HD Code Compliant Modular Access System for your location. Perhaps the biggest benefit of all is the fact that it is a safer alternative to hand built structures that may not support weight in a safe or code-compliant way. The structure is built with close attention to standards and code guidelines to ensure optimal safety and security. This system also deploys seamlessly for a quick setup that can remain in place for extended periods of time without consideration for deterioration or failure to hold the designated weight rating.

Additionally, this access system can be customized to fit almost any configuration or set up. This gives users plenty of options for multiple projects. Rather than having to build separate structures to access each project or set up, you can use the same system multiple times and it will stand the test of time. This high grade aluminum is designed to resist deterioration, collapse, rust, and any other potential issues that other materials face.

Another reason for purchasing a system like this is because it saves money. You can make a single purchase and reuse it multiple times with confidence instead of having to build a new ramp each time or when the old one can no longer safely be used. In fact, most other materials used to build accessibility ramps are subpar to high-grade aluminum. It's a better choice for individuals who want to save money and ensure the safety of all who use access systems.

The systems are also perfect for companies who want to keep excess systems in their inventory if they have multiple projects going at once. These code compliant systems are perfect for keeping workers and everyday people safe and secure through all types of weather and location conditions.


The process of installing these commercial-grade modular ramp systems is relatively simple and straightforward. There are direct instructions that provide insight that makes configuring the system simple. It’s a component-based system, which means parts and pieces easily fit or are secured together. Additionally, there are safety measures in place to ensure they lock securely in place and don't put the user at risk. The installation can be accomplished in a short timeframe. 

The systems cannot only be deployed quickly with minimal effort, they can also be reconfigured for easy transportation from one site to another or be stored while they're not in use. You don't have to worry about rust or deterioration and they will be ready to use for the next project without lots of maintenance or other component issues.

Buy From a Reputable Company

When you buy your ramp system from EZ-ACCESS, you can be assured of quality and top customer service. We care about our customer's safety and satisfaction, which is why we provide assistance or answer all questions before, during, and after the purchase. 

Buy from a trusted retailer who can offer top quality modular access systems for a competitive price and who guarantees their product. Stop struggling with subpar access systems or the hassle of having to build a new access system for each modular structure, jobsite, or location. Reach out today to speak to a representative who will be happy to provide more details or facilitate a purchase.

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