Advantages of Foldable Ramps

Advantages of Foldable Ramps

Advantages of Foldable Ramps

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) there are 75 million people worldwide of all ages that must use a wheelchair every day. EZ-ACCESS has a broad selection of portable folding ramps available.

Benefits of Foldable Ramps

Foldable ramps offer several benefits. Sometimes it is difficult to realize the challenges that people with limited mobility face on a daily basis. That’s why the benefits of foldable ramps are numerous. 

A ramp makes things accessible to wheelchair-bound people that they may not have had access to before a foldable ramp. Sure, grocery stores, shopping malls, restaurants, and nearly all (not all do) public places offer ramps but what about the places that don’t? What if that person wanted to go to a birthday party at a home that doesn’t have a ramp? Without a foldable ramp they could bring with them to get into the house, they wouldn’t have been able to attend that party. Ramps are also great for getting in and out of a van.

The ramp allows the individual to get in and out of a vehicle, in and out of every place they would like to go making these ramps a must-have for individuals who are wheelchair bound.

Safety is vital with a ramp, especially for individuals who don’t have a lot of strength to wheel themselves up an incline. That’s why you need a ramp that has multiple safety features. Such as locks for when the ramps are being transported or stored, so they don’t open and injure someone.

You will also want a ramp that has a textured strong grip. If the weather is bad the ramp can become slippery with textured grips the individual is safer using the ramp.

Entering a House 

One of the most difficult places to access in a wheelchair is a home. Usually, it is the wheelchair-bound person’s home. Many homes have a few stairs that lead up to the front door or up to a porch. Sometimes if the person goes in and out a lot of building an incline out of wood and placing the foldable ramp on top of it is easiest. 

It is not practical to have two people pick up the wheelchair and carry it up the stairs. Even if the person is exceptionally light after a while that will do a number on carriers’ backs. 

This maneuver also affects the person in the wheelchair while occasionally they may not mind the help. However, it does take away some of their independence, and that can hurt the person more than help them. This may be a case of when a wheelchair ramp is more ideal to help the person maintain their independence.


Bathrooms can be small and hard to move around in, especially in a wheelchair. There are ramps that can help the person get themselves into the shower and out allowing them privacy.

Run Errands 

A wheelchair ramp that can be installed in their vehicle allows the person to do all their errands alone including going to the market, shopping mall post office or any place else they may need or want to go again allowing them independence.    

Kitchen Access

A special ramp called a threshold ramp makes it easier to get into the kitchen. If your kitchen has been modified to accommodate the wheelchair, they will be able to cook, bake, do dishes, and clean.

Get In and Out of Your Vehicle 

Getting in and out of your vehicle can be challenging when you’re in a wheelchair. There are several wheelchair ramps exclusively designed for each type of vehicle. Whether the person drives a van, car, SUV, or truck the ramp will allow them to easily get in and out of the vehicle. With a ramp, the person can go wherever they want and do not have to depend on a family member or a caregiver for help. 


It is important to everyone at any age to be able to maintain independence. Ramps can be placed and installed almost anywhere. Allowing the person to always maintain complete independence. This is certainly good for folding ramps benefits.


This is a good example of a folding ramp benefit some people enjoy outdoor activities whether it be gardening, Reading a good book, or just soaking up the sun’s rays on a nice warm day. A foldable ramp allows the person to get outside safely, so they can continue with their life.

For a wheelchair-bound person maintaining independence is especially important. Everyone needs to feel like they can care for themselves, while a wheelchair-bound person may feel they need a little assistance they don’t always need assistance getting around,

For all your questions and folding ramps for sale contact EZ-ACCESS today!

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