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Where can I buy the best Toilet Incline Lift?

Every day, seniors are injured when trying to use the restroom. This should not be the case. What about those who have difficulty getting up off of the toilet by themselves due to health conditions other than age? No matter the case, there's nothing as dignifying as being able to complete necessary tasks independently. This is why the EZ-ACCESS TILT® Toilet Incline Lift presents the best solution for this problem. 

This toilet incline lift enables users to lift or lower themselves from the toilet by pushing a button, providing independence and dignity in the bathroom. In this toilet incline lift buying and installation guide, we'll teach you how to install the EZ-ACCESS TILT Toilet Incline Lift to ensure it lives up to its duty.

Toilet Incline Lift Buying and Installation Guide

A quick and simple way to learn more about this revolutionary product is by watching our overview video below. This short video will walk you through the features, benefits, options, and function of the TILT. Understanding the capabilities and usefulness of this bathroom safety solution will truly help you evaluate if this is the right product for you or your loved one.  

Now that you have been fully introduced to our toilet lift and know that there are a few different models to choose from, you can watch the step-by-step installation videos that we have available for the corded power and battery powered versions. This will help you in knowing which will be best for your needs and for the bathroom that it will be installed in. 

Installation is really that easy and doesn’t take much time at all. The maintenance of the TILT is also something that can be done quickly. 

Cleaning and maintenance

The TILT must be cleaned, sanitized, and inspected on a regular basis for hygiene and protection reasons, and each case may have its own set of conditions. Multiple users, for example, can have varying hygiene and sanitization requirements than a single user. It's critical to create a cleaning and sanitization routine that is appropriate for your circumstance.

Cleaning deposits from the TILT can be done with a soft cloth, warm water, and mild soap; however, although soap and water can remove debris, additional methods to sanitize the TILT may be necessary. Following the maintenance steps outlined in our instruction manual will ensure you are caring for your unit properly.

Toilet Incline Lift and its cost

The TILT supports up to 325 pounds and accommodates people varying in height from 5'2" to 6'4". This toilet accessory is available in either an AC power model or a DC power model with a rechargeable battery pack. The battery alternative allows for 20 lifts per charge and offers a backup in the event of a power outage. The lift is also available with either a standard or elongated seat to fit whichever style your current toilet has. 

To find a durable medical equipment dealer in your local area to purchase the lift from, simply visit our Dealer Locator and enter your zip code. If you are unable to find a dealer near you or would prefer to purchase the lift online, check out the product on Amazon

At EZ-ACCESS, we're proud to provide you with a solution that can change your life or the life of your loved one for the better. With the help of this toilet incline lift buying and installation guide, you'll be able to purchase, install, and maintain your toilet incline lift with confidence. For more information about this product and other mobility solutions, please contact us at (800) 451-1903 today.

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