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Adding a Permanent Wheelchair Ramp Is Simple and Straightforward at EZ-ACCESS

An attractive, reliable, and easy to access permanent wheelchair ramp is vital for any commercial building to be inclusive, and often code compliant. We offer a variety of options for the best permanent wheelchair ramps for you to find the one that suits your needs perfectly. 

A business must provide accessibility for all in order to be fair and inclusive, but also to meet local codes. We make it easy at EZ-ACCESS to add permanent wheelchair ramps to your location so you can welcome all clients, guests, students, and patients with ease. 

Choosing the Best Permanent Wheelchair Ramps Is Easy With Our Selection of Commercial Options:

  • PATHWAY 3G Modular Access System - This modular system can fulfill just about any need and fit in a variety of spaces that other systems may not work so well with. It is interchangeable so if your needs evolve, it can change as well. The system is made of durable aluminum and comes with a lifetime warranty, making it a top choice if you are looking for the very best. 
  • PATHWAY HD Code Compliant Modular Access System - This system is code compliant for ADA, IBC, and OSHA. The system is designed to fit just about any situation so even if the building is unique, old, or has space restrictions the PATHWAY HD can likely fit and meet all the coding standards in your area. This system is made of durable aluminum like the PATHWAY 3G system and comes with the optional upgrade of powder coating. 

You Can Order Our Systems for Any Business.

  • Schools - From ramps over current stairs, to set ups against modular buildings in tight locations, we can make sure all students at your school have maximum mobility into all buildings. 
  • Government Buildings - Many government buildings were made with ornate concrete or marble entryways, while these are beautiful they do not serve the whole population. Our permanent wheelchair ramps can be installed without harming the structure around them in any way. 
  • Medical Facilities - New and/or temporary medical centers or being erected daily. It is vital that these centers can serve all people in need and we can help you with that quickly and efficiently with many ramp and entry options. 
  • Airports - Airports have unique needs and height requirements for ramps and entry points. We are experienced and qualified to fulfill your wheelchair requirements. 
  • Homes - We provide ramps and convenient entry points to homes of all types in the area. 
  • Residential Care Centers - If you run a residential care center, nursing home or other facility of that type then it is vital that all members are able to move freely in and out of each room and building. 
  • Temporary Housing - If you are providing temporary housing or are in charge of coordination then you will likely come across the need for wheelchair access. Call us to have the need met quickly on any type of structure. 
  • More - If wheelchair access is needed, chances are EZ-ACCESS can exceed your expectations. If you are unsure about the safety of your current system or if you have enough options for mobility for all, then give us a call to discuss your current situation and our solutions. 

Contactless Ramp Installation Is Convenient and Simple

If your business needs a ramp and you are in the stage of researching the best permanent wheelchair ramps but are hesitant to schedule a consultation or installation do not fret, we offer contactless ramp installation for your safety and convenience. If you choose contactless ramp installation the first thing to do is to measure the area where the ramp is to be installed and take pictures of the slope and any unique situations. Then give us a call to start your consultation and discuss your specific needs. With phone consultations, we can answer all your questions, tell you all your options, and schedule the entire process without any face-to-face meeting. 

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our permanent ramp systems. You may be surprised at how simple the whole process can be from your end. If you have been meaning to make your business more inclusive, or if you simply want to keep up with code requirements we can help you check one more thing off of your to-do list this month. Go ahead and measure the area and give us a call to get the process started, or browse our site to see the options we offer for the best permanent wheelchair ramps in the area. 


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What Accessories Will Work in My Home?