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What Accessories Will Work in My Home?

Accessories for Seamless Care

EZ-ACCESS knows that accessibility doesn’t end with wheelchair ramps for homes—it extends to the tasks of daily life we all have to take care of. One of the biggest activities of daily living (also known as an ADL) is bathing. A traditional shower or bath can be difficult or even impossible if you have mobility limitations. Lifting someone from a bed, transporting them to the bathroom, and transferring them to a tub is a process full of barriers. Bathing is a necessity, though, and limited mobility shouldn’t keep people from maintaining good hygiene. That’s why EZ-ACCESS created alternative accessible bathing options to bring the tub to you! 


The EZ-BATHE Body Washing Basin (the first product we ever developed!) is an inflatable bathtub with head support that can be used in your bed. Before inflating, the EZ-BATHE Body Washing Basin is placed underneath you so that you’re in the perfect position. It’s inflated around you with the included wet/dry vacuum. The tub can be filled from a nearby sink with the included hose, and you’re able to enjoy a truly accessible bath with the help of a caregiver. The 25-foot hand-held shower hose gives the same comforting experience as being in an upright shower while making washing convenient. Clean-up is made just as easy as the set up with the inclusion of a 25-foot draining hose to remove water when finished.


Our EZ-SHAMPOO Hair Washing Basin also inflates around you, providing a convenient in-bed experience for a great hair day. With a cradle for the neck, you’ll be both comfortable and dry as it keeps water from escaping during your washing. Plus, there’s no awkward lifting or bending for you or a caregiver—especially when paired with the EZ-SHOWER Bedside Shower that brings the water source right to the bedside. The EZ-SHOWER holds up to 2½ gallons of warm water, so hair washing is simple and convenient. It can be hung on a bedpost or IV pole to position it nearby, and the attached 2-foot hose has an on/off valve so that water only runs when you want it to. 

For those who are looking for a seated hair wash at a sink, the EZ-SHAMPOO Hair Washing Tray comfortably sits around the neck and shoulders for support. It guides water back into the sink, keeping everything around you dry that’s supposed to be. This reduces the risk of water on the ground which could lead to slipping, and prevents major cleanup after washing. 

Choose the Right EZ-ACCESS Accessories for Your Home

Having options for bathing allows you or your loved one to experience feeling refreshed. EZ-ACCESS bathing accessories help caregivers by creating better options for safely and effectively caring for those with limited mobility. Each product is designed and manufactured to our elevated standards to help you experience life without barriers.

Adding a Permanent Wheelchair Ramp Is Simple and Straightforward at EZ-ACCESS

Adding a Permanent Wheelchair Ramp Is Simple and Straightforward at EZ-ACCESS