4 Ways Someone with a Disability Can Benefit from Having a Pet

4 Ways Someone with a Disability Can Benefit from Having a Pet

National Dog Week has been observed the last full week of September for the past 87 years, celebrating what dogs mean to people and our society. Dogs, as well as many other pets, can provide a more fulfilling life to many. Not only are they wonderful companions, but they can help meet the needs of individuals living with a disability. We’ve compiled a list of four ways a carefully chosen pet can provide extra benefits:

Natural Companion 

There is power in the relationship between a pet and its owner. Pet owners tend to be less lonely and receive much-needed affection from their pets. This bond can lend itself to more social interaction and less isolation as well. Animals in public tend to be a social magnet, creating a means for daily interaction with other people, which otherwise could be uncomfortable.

Motivation and Learning

Owners push themselves to strive harder for their pets. Pets provide a means for exercise, whether it be grooming, training or simply playing fetch and other games. In addition, pets increase mind stimulation; they promote curiosity and exploration.

Emotional Support

Often a person with a disability hides difficult emotions and pain they are dealing with inside them, but a pet gives an unconditional love that provides stability. A successful relationship with a pet boosts confidence and fosters a positive mood. A pet could be the difference between a good and bad day.


Pets can act as guardians to their companions. They ensure their owner’s comfort with being alone. Pets can be trained to assist if fallen or alert help if necessary. A pet can increase self-sufficiency and promote freedom. It’s like having a personal assistant 24 hours a day! Dealing with the day-to-day challenges of a disability can be made more bearable with the assistance of a pet.

Pets can lessen feelings of isolation, lack of motivation, and dependency. Join the team here at EZ-ACCESS in celebrating National Dog Week and show your thanks to all the canine companions you know!

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