PATHWAY® HD Multi-Story Stairs

We build multi-story commercial stair systems to reach whatever entrance you need to access, whether inside or outside. These versatile structures can be customized to suit your specific application and code compliance requirements. Height, length, width, and tread are just some of the variables you can control to create your ideal access solution.

Designed for ADA & Code Compliance

  • When a durable access solution is needed for temporary structures, permanent buildings, or machinery, the PATHWAY® HD Code Compliant Modular Access System is the ideal choice. Combine ramps, platforms, and stairs to create the ideal system for your needs. Its field-proven design can be configured to fit most applications.
  • This product is compliant with the following:
    • ADA, IBC, OSHA, and most local code guidelines

Compact Design

  • When space is at a premium, our the EZ-ACCESS Multi-Story Stairs provide code compliant access in hard to fit spaces or difficult-to-reach levels. 

Customized Configurations

  • Each system is designed specifically for your location.  Space, height, and location are considered when designing your stair system.  

High-Quality Aluminum Construction

  • The EZ-ACCESS stair and ramp systems are constructed of high-quality and corrosion-resistant aluminum and will provide years of worry-free use. 
  • Made of durable materials which stand up to the rigors of high-traffic use and harsh environments for years of maintenance-free access.
  • Naturally non-combustible. 


  • EZ-ACCESS ADA and Multi-Story stairs are designed to be code compliant and meet most national and local codes.  Site-specific engineered stamping is available upon request.
  • All walking surfaces feature a permanent, slip-resistant tread for superior traction in any sort of weather conditions.

Easy to Install

  • Modular components are designed for easy installation compared to standard construction methods using steel or wood materials.  

PATHWAY® HD Multi-Story Stairs - EZ-ACCESS
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