RAILWAY™ Modular Handrail System

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The RAILWAY™ Modular Handrail System provides a quick and easy way to add handrails and barriers to almost any deck or porch and is available in 3 kits. These kits are designed to be combined and configured to create the layout you need, and can be easily mounted to an existing structure for an added level of safety. This product is made of lightweight, yet heavy-duty aluminum that will not rust, rot, or deteriorate from the outdoor elements, ensuring years of maintenance-free use.

RAILWAY™ Modular Handrail System - EZ-ACCESS
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The RAILWAY Modular Handrail System is constructed from high-quality aluminum – an environmentally friendly material that will not rust, rot, or deteriorate from the outdoor elements – designed for years of maintenance-free use.


The three RAILWAY kits offer the flexibility to mix and match components to create a custom handrail system that fits perfectly on your porch, deck, stairs, or any combination thereof. The 5' handrail tubes can also be trimmed to ensure an exact fit for your specific requirements.


Dual round handrail tubes provide a secure and comfortable grip, ensuring multi-level safety. The square barrier tube runs along the bottom—parallel to the top two handrails—providing an additional level of safety and security.


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Can the handrails and barriers be trimmed if I need shorter lengths?

Yes, the 5' handrails and barriers can be trimmed to fit your specific needs.

What are the dimensions of the handrail tubes?

The RAILWAY handrail tubes are 1 1/2 inches in diameter.

Can I connect the handrail system to the side of my house?

Yes, the RAILWAY handrails and barriers can be attached to a post or an existing structure, including the side of a house.