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Elevating Employee Productivity With Industrial Accessibility Upgrades - EZ-ACCESS

Elevating Employee Productivity With Industrial Accessibility Upgrades

From manufacturing to construction, industrial occupations face physical and safety considerations that other settings do not. It’s important to provide individuals working in these settings with equipment that makes their jobs easier while also keeping them as safe as possible. EZ-ACCESS® has several products that can improve the working environment for those in industrial settings, fostering productivity and safety for all.
Aircraft accessibility

Accessibility Everywhere: Airport Mobility Edition

Travel has become a more universal need as our world expands. Whether you’re headed somewhere distant for vacation, work, medical care, or visiting family, airplanes are one of the most convenient ways of covering the distance without sacrificing too much time. Those who use mobility devices are just as likely to board an airplane, but they may have added considerations when navigating the airport. Beyond accessibility ramps, there are certain regulations in the United States that ensure minimum requirements for a smoother travel experience for those with disabilities. We will cover key airport accessibility requirements and relevant legislation to help ease your next travel experience.
Go Purple: Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month - EZ-ACCESS

Go Purple: Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month

While medical science has made leaps and bounds in many areas, there continues to be little understanding of the intricacies of the brain. This extends to conditions that affect our memory, personality, and abilities. More than 55 million people are affected by dementia, which includes Alzheimer’s disease. Every June, the Alzheimer’s Association hosts Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month to help increase action in the push for a cure.
Ramp outside of a commercial building.

Accessibility in Warmer Weather: Four Considerations for Those With Mobility...

Summer is nearly here, which means it’s the season of heat, sunshine, and outdoor events! Staying safe in the hot weather is a priority, and for those with mobility differences, there can be added barriers. We’ll touch on four considerations around warm weather accessibility during the summer months!
Worker putting a ramp together.

Tips for Maintaining Ramps and Other Accessibility Solutions

When you invest in accessibility solutions for your home, business, or any other type of building, you want them to have long lifespans. The longer they last, the more value you get—and you won’t need to stress about replacing them any time soon. Many factors play into how well an access solution withstands time, such as the material it’s made with, but proper maintenance also impacts the lifespan of your accessibility equipment. EZ-ACCESS® has some tips to help you keep your access solutions in great shape as well as insight on how to minimize maintenance needs
Older American on a ramp.

Celebrating Older Americans Month 2024

As the average age across the population in the United States increases, there’s a growing push to recognize the needs and contributions of that group. Each May, the Administration for Community Living celebrates Older Americans Month. As an organization, its mission is to support the independence and inclusion of older adults in the community. No matter someone’s age or the difference in mobility that age may bring, older adults have the right to live independently and make choices about their lives.