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Wooden it be Nice to Build it and Forget it? Why Aluminum Ramps are the Clear Choice

Over 31% of US schools have portable classrooms that require ramp access. While ramps typically come in either wood or aluminum form, there is a clear divide when it comes to the amount of maintenance and upkeep each type needs. And with so many schools utilizing ramps, it only makes sense to use the ramp that you can virtually forget about after installation; the aluminum PATHWAY® HD Code Compliant Modular Access System.

Oakay, but aren’t wood ramps less expensive to build?

Not in the long run! Although many people are quick to point out that wood ramps are initially more economical to build than aluminum ramps, they aren’t seeing the bigger picture. People often don’t consider the supplementary costs that just building a wood structure includes. The tools needed to build a wooden ramp alone are extensive and costly. From digging and creating concrete footings to cutting the wood, the tools needed can quickly add up. Wood ramps also require permits, near-constant maintenance and upkeep, and only last a matter of years. Unlike EZ-ACCESS’ aluminum ramp solutions, wood ramps are far from self-sufficient.

Can you just build it and leaf it alone?

No! Wood can rot and deteriorate for a number of reasons. From sun and rain to pesky termites, wood breaks down over time needing sanding and replacement. Unless you have a maintenance staff that is equipped to deal with woodwork, you will need to call in a contractor each time your ramp needs some attention. Many aspects of the ramp can break down other than just the wood itself. The concrete footings can settle and crack causing your whole ramp to shift. The grip tape used to keep the wood from being too slippery can peel off and wear down causing safety hazards as well.

Sharpen your skills, not your saw.

What seems easier; using a broom or using a saw? With an aluminum access solution from EZ-ACCESS, the most you will need to do is sweep or rinse off your ramp. After that, it is back in prime use and will continue to stay that way for years to come. With wood, however, you are continuously spending money after the initial install for contractor services, replacement, pest control, and weatherproofing. Not to mention the painting and staining you need to do regularly to keep the ramp looking nice.

An aluminum ramp is the virtually maintenance-free ramp of your dreams. It will not only save you time but it will also save you or your school’s money. Is wood really worth the splinter? Contact EZ-ACCESS today to see how we can improve your ramp today!

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