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Winter Safety in the Workplace: Three Tips to Ensure Your Worksite Is Safe This Winter

It’s safe to say that a good majority of the U.S. has experienced some chilly weather this season, including the South. If your business goals for 2018 include workplace safety, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to help you better protect yourself and your employees as winter continues to hit certain areas with full force.

Work Platforms:  PATHWAY® HD platforms, steps, and ramps can be configured to create a work platform for machinery so that you never have to worry about finding a ladder or accessing machinery in an unsafe manner. This product has been reinforced for added strength and features an extruded slip-resistant surface to ensure safety. PATHWAY HD platforms and steps can also be constructed to create a safe crossover on a worksite. Tripping hazards can be prevented by directing individuals up and over cords, pipes, equipment, and other obstructions on the floor.

Protecting Your Stairs and Sidewalks: Stairs can be a hazard to some from the start, but throw in a little ice and some snow and now you have a real problem. If you’re looking for overhead protection from the elements in all seasons for users of your FORTRESS® OSHA Stair System, we suggest adding a canopy to the top. Another tip: Always make sure to have shovels and ice melt on hand to help keep sidewalks and walkways clear of ice and snow. Wearing proper footwear on the worksite can also help provide better traction in slippery conditions.

Be Safe on the Road: When you and your employees are driving from one location to another, it’s important to remember winter road safety. You’ll want to ensure you have jumper cables, reflective triangles, a first aid kit, and an ice scraper on hand for any winter roadblocks you may run into.

We hope winter has been a safe season for you so far and that it continues to be with these tips. If you’re using an EZ-ACCESS access solution in the outdoor elements this winter, be sure to reference our winterizing ramps blog for tips on how to keep your ramp accident-free this season. To learn more about our access solutions for portable worksite buildings, visit our website here.

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