An EZ-ACCESS wide ramp

How Wide Ramps Benefit Your Business

When your business or attraction has a lot of traffic, a standard commercial ramp might not be enough. A wide access ramp provides increased space to get a large number of people in and out of a location without creating a bottleneck. The larger access point also allows for those with mobility devices to have increased room to maneuver, especially if there is a caregiver alongside them. A wide commercial ramp is a perfect part of your emergency plans since it helps large crowds exit swiftly in urgent situations. With such unique configurations, wide ramps are a custom process. Thankfully, EZ-ACCESS is the best in the industry at creating ramps that fit your needs perfectly.

What Makes Our Ramps Better  

When standard width ramps just won't cut it, EZ-ACCESS will customize our industry-leading commercial ramps using a wider design to accommodate your application’s exact requirements. Heavier-duty tread can also be incorporated into the design of the ramp system to add robustness if your needs extend beyond the scope of our standard material. The specialized tread design helps build in slip resistance without needing to apply extra materials. Like all of our modular access systems, there are infinite ways these accessibility solutions can enhance your location.

Made from durable aluminum, these wide access ramps can handle large crowds with minimal upkeep. Whether your facility hosts big events or you run an amusement park, these ramps can basically handle a stampede. Resistant to the weather, the aluminum construction makes them perfect for outdoor spaces like boardwalks, building entrances, and other attractions. Whether you use them indoors or outdoors, the minimal maintenance requirements make our ramps a great investment for any business or venue. They have a great return on investment, both in the accessibility you provide to the community and in the ease of care combined with durability. Managing your facility is much easier when the structure is made to last!

Ramps Tailored to Your Needs 

Our expert Research and Development team has the experience and creativity to design unique ramps of all kinds. As experts in ADA ramps, they can craft designs that will ensure you’re meeting all the requirements. This is a teamwork approach where we go through a detailed process with you to determine the exact needs and considerations for your ramp. Whether you need a wider version of our standard modular access systems or something even more unique, EZ-ACCESS is able to make accessibility possible in any environment.

All it takes is a message to our Customer Service team to get started. We’ll use your measurements and floor plans to create a wide ramp that perfectly fits the space. The modular design, even on our customized ramps, makes for quick work when it comes to installation. In a short time, you’ll have a trustworthy ramp in place without the hassle of building one from scratch. With manufacturing and distribution right here in the United States, you’re sure to get a quality product delivered to you in no time!

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