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Why Your Residential Ramp Should Be Aluminum

Here are a few reasons why:

aluminum ramp end in dirt

Corrosion Resistance  

Aluminum is a naturally corrosion-resistant material, which protects a ramp from the elements. Whether your city endures multiple snowstorms a year or suffers from frequent flooding, the access solution won’t rust or corrode. This is going to save you money on repairs and upkeep as well as give you peace of mind knowing that the ramp isn’t easily damaged and will last you a lifetime.

aluminum ramp railing


The surface on an aluminum ramp will not wear down but will continue offering slip-resistance to help maintain traction when moving up and down the ramp for years to come. This is unlike wood ramps that have to have grip tape or other materials applied to the walking surface to create a non-slip pathway. This oftentimes wears out, peels up, and has to be replaced throughout the life of the ramp.

Another great safety feature of an aluminum ramp is the smooth, continuous handrails that help guide the ramp user. These handrails are much different than the ones made of wood that could easily cause painful splinters.

sponge and suds on aluminum ramp

Easy to Clean

Many outdoor structures need multiple solutions and methods to keep them clean. From chemicals to pressure washing, there often is not a simple solution to maintaining that brand new look. Aluminum, however, is simple to clean. With a mix of water and regular dish soap, you can keep your ramp system looking new year-round.

rendering of custom aluminum ramp


Aluminum provides the perfect marriage between customizable and easy to install. An aluminum ramp can be configured to fit any home entrance, whether you need it to go over a set of stairs or meet at the top of a porch. Our modular ramps are also pre-assembled so an expert can install the ramp outside your home within a matter of hours!

Overall, EZ-ACCESS believes that aluminum is the best choice for your home ramp.

Whether you need a sturdy and reliable portable ramp or a durable semi-permanent ramp, we have you covered. Contact us today and see how we can customize these products for you!The most common materials for residential ramps are wood and aluminum. While a wood ramp may match a pre-existing patio or siding, we’re confident that an aluminum ramp is the best solution for any home.

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