What NOT to DO When Using a Loading Ramp

What NOT to DO When Using a Loading Ramp

While loading ramps may seem like an easy thing to set up and use, they can be misused. A number of mishaps, such as falls and more serious injuries, can happen when setting up a loading ramp. Luckily, most accidents can be easily avoided by following these simple loading tips, courtesy of EZ-ACCESS.

Take it slow and steady.

If you are loading a motor vehicle up the ramp and it refuses to budge no matter how much you push and pull, speeding up is the key. Be careful though, full throttle will not only destroy the vehicle you are handling but also everything in its path.

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

There is no shame in asking for help when loading heavy and bulky things. Have another person either helping you load things into the truck or just standing behind you in case you start slipping and going down due to the weight of the object you are handling.

Go long.

Steep incline is your biggest enemy when it comes to loading. No matter how much of an expert you are when it comes to loading, if the weather conditions are not in your favor and the loading ramp is wet, there is more chance of slippage during ascent.

Load like a pro.

A makeshift ramp made out of some wood planks from the backyard will definitely seem like a hassle-free and cheap solution at first, but there are several fallbacks. They are unstable, extremely slippery and usually cannot sustain a lot of weight. Avoid a trip to the emergency room by getting a metal ramp that can be easily secured. If you wonder where to find such a ramp, contact EZ-ACCESS and we’ll work out a solution that is best for your specific needs.

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