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We Have Lift Off on the ORBIT™ Patient Transfer Lift - Get your first glimpse here *VIDEO Included

We have lift off in 5…4…3…2…1…

We’re excited to announce the lift-off of our brand new product, the ORBIT™ Patient Transfer Lift!

Unlike other patient transfer lifts on the market, our unique lift surpasses all other programs in the space race. The ORBIT provides an articulating arm and pivoting stanchion that both rotate a full 360-degrees. Providing patients with a complete 360 degree orbit creates better flexibility and maneuverability in the home or care facility. Take a look at more of the features that make the ORBIT an ideal transfer solution.

Three Seconds to Launch:  

Through our innovative design, you won’t experience any suborbital missions here. Our patient lift post or “stanchion” as we refer to it, will rotate a full 360-degrees, along with the articulating arm which also rotates a full 360-degrees allowing you to reach full orbit. We offer two different height options to accommodate most ceiling heights from 8 to 12 feet. The design also allows for a smaller footprint for mankind within the home or care facility, and can be installed in the most convenient location for the patient or caregiver. The arm also has three height positions with the ability to clear doorways, and comes in a four or five foot option.


Patient Transfer Lift


Two Seconds to Launch:  

With the single stanchion design, the mission for install is simple and straightforward. It can be installed floor-to-ceiling or floor-to-wall. These mounting options allow for easy and compact storage to help reduce clutter in your control room.


Patient Transfer Lift

One Second to Launch:  

Due to the minimal assembly and simple two mounting point install, if you want to realign into a different orbital pattern or for intergalactic travel it would be a simple process. With its sleek and innovative design, you can place multiple ORBIT Patient Transfer Lift throughout the home or care facility for added convenience, no booster needed. Other features of the tactical mission for the ORBIT Patient Transfer Lift include a five-year warranty, a brake to help slow the rotation for more control while in orbit, and two different weight capacities depending on the length of the arm selected.


Patient Transfer Lift

We have lift off!

Learn more about the ORBIT Patient Transfer Lift by watching the overview video from Mission Control.

Ready to start your own space mission?

Visit the ORBIT Patient Transfer Lift product page on our website to learn more, or to find a dealer in your local area to purchase an ORBIT from, submit a quick contact form and we will get you connected to one.

We can’t wait to hear about your own space mission with the new ORBIT Patient Transfer Lift!

DISCLAIMER: EZ-ACCESS does not sell or provide motors or slings.

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