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TRAVERSE™ Walk Ramp Buying Guide

Loading and unloading is a fact of life. From groceries to equipment, everyone will find themselves loading and unloading items of some sort from time to time.

There are so many situations that call for a loading ramp that we tend to believe that everyone should have one on hand. They make difficult tasks much easier and safer. The key is finding the right ramp for your needs. You can start that discovery phase right here with this TRAVERSE Walk Ramp Buying Guide.

TRAVERSE Walk Ramp Buying Guide

The first thing to consider when buying a ramp is the type that you’ll need. A mobile loading ramp provides versatility and is suitable for most applications. It allows you to easily use the ramp and store it when not in use. This is ideal for loading trucks and transporting items up stairs.

The other type of ramp you should know about is a permanent or stationary ramp. These ramps are designed to be installed, and remain where they are. This is the right choice if you need a permanent solution. 


Next, you'll need to consider the material the ramp is made from. If you want a portable loading ramp, you'll need to make sure that it’s made of a material that is both light and durable to ensure effectiveness.

Aluminum is the preferred material for this type of ramp. It's lightweight, which makes it easy to transport the ramp. It's also thin enough to store easily.

Although aluminum is lightweight, it's also very strong. High-grade aluminum is similar in strength to steel, while weighing 1/3 as much.

Other options including steel, wood, or concrete are often used for permanent ramps. However, they are not ideal for mobile ramps.

The EZ-ACCESS TRAVERSE Walk Ramp is made of durable aluminum that will not rust or deteriorate over time.

Ramp Surface

Another feature to consider is the ramp surface. Aluminum ramps typically have a textured surface. This helps improve safety by providing added traction.

The TRAVERSE Walk Ramp features a built-in, raised-rib surface that provides excellent traction. The surface is designed not to interfere with loading and unloading using a hand truck or dolly. Wheels roll smoothly on the surface.

Size and Length

A ramp's length is very important. When choosing an EZ-ACCESS TRAVERSE Walk Ramp, you'll need to select the proper length. If you’d like assistance calculating the ramp length you need, the EZ-ACCESS Incline Calculator is very helpful.

Essentially, the higher the rise, the longer the ramp should be in order to ensure that you are working with a safe incline.

For example, a 1-foot rise at the ADA standard 1:12 incline ratio requires a ramp that is 12 feet long. The ramp will have an 8% incline.

If you change the ratio to 1:8, you will need an 8-foot ramp. Because the ramp is shorter, the inline will be steeper, at 12%.

According to OSHA, ramps should not exceed an incline of 20 degrees.

Ramp Width and Capacity

EZ-ACCESS TRAVERSE Walk Ramps have a usable width of 30.5 inches. The weight capacity will vary based on the length that you’ll need.

The TRAVERSE 4’ to 10’ have a weight capacity of 1,200 pounds, and range from 33 to 74 lbs. These ramps are ideal for most applications. Their lightweight design makes them easy to move, while still supporting heavy loads.

Longer ramps are ideal for situations when there's a larger height difference, or a lesser incline is needed.

The 12’ weighs 94 lbs and has a weight limit of 850 lbs. The longest version, at 14 feet long, weighs 108 lbs and also features a weight limit of 850 pounds.

Ramp Features

The top of the TRAVERSE Walk Ramp features a full-width transition plate for easy loading. The bottom has a 5.5" long self-adjusting bottom transition plate to provide a smooth transition from the ramp to the ground.

It also features a safety strap attachment point on the underside of the ramp. This allows you to securely attach the ramp for added safety.

Purchasing an EZ-ACCESS TRAVERSE Walk Ramp

EZ-ACCESS provides a wide variety of ramps to meet your commercial, industrial, residential, and recreational needs. In addition to ramps, we also offer stairs and platforms.

EZ-ACCESS TRAVERSE Walk Ramps feature a 3-year warranty. They are made in the U.S.A. to high-quality standards. They are designed to be easy to use, and simple to store.

Contact us today to learn about which ramp may be best for your needs.

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