Top SAFETY TIPS When Using a Loading Ramp

Top SAFETY TIPS When Using a Loading Ramp

Moving heavy objects is made easier AND safer by using the appropriate loading ramp, but there are still ways of getting injured if basic safety measures are not taken into consideration. There is nothing we value more than accessibility and safety at EZ-ACCESS, so this month we are sharing some tips on how to stay safe while loading and unloading.

  1. Securing the ramp to the truck can make a big difference when it comes to safety. Secure the loading ramp with a chain, hook, or safety straps to make sure it stays in place while you go up and down. On the TRAVERSE™ Walk Ramp, the safety attachment point is underneath the upper portion of the ramp. Use a strap, chair or rope to attach the ramp to your vehicle or other structure when in use.
  2. The incline should be low and the clearance long. If not a lot of room for the loading ramp is available, try parking your truck in a low spot. By keeping the angle of the ramp as low as possible you are not only easing your access into the truck but also assuring that less throttle will be needed if loading mechanical vehicles.
  3. Stay on the ramp. If the item you are loading is bigger than the loading ramp you are using, consider getting a bigger ramp. It will make loading bulkier items not only much easier but also much safer.
  4. Work with a clean ramp. Take the time to check if your ramp is slippery in places or to clean it if something has spilled. Spending a few minutes cleaning up after yourself can save you from a world of pain caused by heavy equipment falling on you later.
  5. Finally, use common sense. If something seems like a bad and potentially dangerous idea, like going backwards while loading things, it probably is. This counts double when it comes to loading mechanical vehicles. They can easily slip and cause serious injury and damage.

EZ-ACCESS is here for all your loading needs. Contact us for more information on which is the perfect ramp for your needs or take a look at one of our ramp installation videos.

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