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Quick School Ramp Installation

While school is out of session due to COVID-19, now may be the perfect time to make maintenance updates to the property.

In this blog, we walk through four simple steps that your maintenance staff can work through to install an ADA-compliant, standard commercial-grade ramp system in as little as one week. First, let's talk about what material will be best for safe access at school. There are four common materials that most ramps are made of: wood, concrete, steel, and aluminum. Building ramps out of most of these materials may take weeks and require sourcing labor and materials that may be difficult to secure during this time. Our aluminum ramps, platforms, and steps are shipped with all necessary parts and pieces in a matter of days and can be ready for use the day that they arrive on site. Keep reading to see just how quickly you can make a school ramp installation happen.

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Step 1: Measure for Ramp Length  

In order to know how much ramping is needed for an entrance, here’s all you need to measure:

  • Total vertical rise you need to overcome  Example: If you are trying to bypass a set of stairs, measure from top step straight down to the ground
  • Available distance without obstruction measuring straight out from the highest point
  • Usable width of the surrounding area  Example: The width of the entrance or doorway where the ramp will start
screen grab of the incline calculator tool


After the measurements are recorded, it’s time to enter the dimensions for the vertical rise and desired slope ratio into our incline calculator. The Americans with Disabilities Act recommends twelve inches of distance for every one inch of height (1:12) This will give you the minimum ramp length required for the location.  

With our easy-to-use incline calculator, determining the ramp length will only take a few minutes. If you need any assistance or guidance with this step, we are only a phone call away!


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Step 2: Confirm a Custom Configuration  

Next, call our Customer Service team to talk about what configuration will work best for the entrance that needs to be made accessible. The three most common configurations include:

  • Straight or Turn Back Ramp + Platform(s)
  • Ramp Run + Platform(s) + Steps
  • Multiple Platforms Connected + Ramp and/or Steps

Our team will work quickly to provide you with a quote and a layout of the system that will best suit your school’s needs.

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Step 3: Standard Material Ships in 24-48 hours  

This is the easiest part. After you order the commercial-grade system that you need, the components are shipped within just 24-48 hours and will be on their way to you, arriving in the timeframe that you specify.

exterior image of a TITAN product ramp and stair configuration installed for a school


Step 4: Expert Installation within Hours  

As we mentioned in Step 3, the system is shipped in components, many of which are pre-assembled, making it even faster and easier to put together. Standard configurations can be put together and ready for use in just a matter of hours, allowing you to implement these solutions while students and staff are off campus, and have them ready for their return.

Even though we believe our systems can be put together by first-time installers, EZ-ACCESS has a network of local installers all across the United States that can assist, especially if it is a larger or more complex/custom system.

A commercial-grade ramp system can be ready to use at your school in a short period of time so that you can have safe, durable, compliant access in place for students and faculty upon their return.

Yes, all 4 steps to school ramp installation happen this quickly!

Give us a call today to get this process started!

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