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Project Highlight: Kelleys Island State Park

Kelleys Island is a state park located on the 2,800-acre island in Ohio.

Known for its unique geological, ecological, and archaeological features, the island is a travel destination for many nature enthusiasts. Below we walk through the location’s access needs and how EZ-ACCESS was able to provide ADA compliant access solutions that will last.

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The Location Need

The location is open to the public and with the natural terrain, there was no way for wheelchair users to access certain parts of the park.The park needed a commercial-grade ramp system to provide ADA access. The solution also needed to be safe and durable to endure the traffic and outdoor elements of a public space.

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    Choosing the Material

    The park chose an EZ-ACCESS access solution for this application primarily because of the harsh climate in the area and the difficult terrain. They knew the corrosion-resistant aluminum system could withstand the environment, and customization available would be necessary to navigate the tricky configuration required for proper ADA access on the uneven ground.

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    Challenges along the Way

    1. Logistics – this island is only accessible by private ferry or boat
    2. Weather – the weather in this region can be harsh
    3. Terrain – the terrain is extremely rocky and uneven
    4. ADA access – the ramp system needed to be ADA compliant while seamlessly fitting into the existing space and working around the terrain
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    How EZ-ACCESS Addressed Challenges  

    The EZ-ACCESS team addressed each of these challenges by working closely with their very own engineering department and the on-site installers. This ensured accurate dimensions and the ideal layout in order to achieve a smooth installation, as well as provide a solution that will work for the park and its visitors for many years to come.

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    TITAN™ Code Compliant Modular Access System Configuration  

    This project had a few different configurations before the final layout of the TITAN™ was decided upon. Architectural plans were given to EZ-ACCESS that outlined the location needs. As different quotes were provided for different layouts of the ramp system, it was altered to fit the need in the most ideal way. Eventually, the access solution consisted of a switchback with a short ramp run up the rocky terrain.

      Ultimately, Kelleys Island was an exciting challenge for EZ-ACCESS, with a rewarding outcome.

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      It's a Pair with EZ-ACCESSORIES

      It's a Pair with EZ-ACCESSORIES