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Portable Folding Ramp Guide

Portable folding ramps are extremely helpful as they aid mobility. There are many advantages to having this piece of equipment and finding one that provides durability, is light, easy to set up, and easy to move about is key in making them even more beneficial. 

What’s the purpose of having a portable folding ramp?

There are many reasons to own portable folding ramps, some include but are not limited to the following:

You can use folding ramps on vehicles that aren’t equipped with one

Not all vehicles provide easy access via a built-in ramp. With a portable ramp, you’ll be able to move it about with you and attach it to your vehicle as needed. Using a portable ramp means there’s no longer a need to buy a special vehicle equipped with one. These vehicles can be costly and the built-in ramp could need continuous maintenance. 

It turns your home into an accessible space for wheelchairs and other wheel-powered mobiles

If you have family, friends, or visitors over, it’s good to know that your home is wheelchair- friendly. With an easy-to-install foldable ramp, you’ll have it ready and in place long before they arrive.

It is safe to use

Ramps offer durability to not only hold weight, but they are also made to last a long time. With a slip-resistant surface, you and your loved one will have the peace of mind knowing that their safety is a priority.

It makes all stairs and step-ups accessible everywhere you go

When you’re visiting friends or places that don’t have wheelchair access, the folding ramp will help make getting into places and spaces possible and much easier.

How to install portable folding ramps

The great thing about these ramps is that they are user-friendly, and it doesn’t take much effort to install them. These types of ramps were primarily designed for temporary use so unfolding them and setting them in place is just about all that goes into installing them. 

Portable folding ramp installation makes DIY a treat. Their lightweight materials make them easy to move about, lift, and carry to where you need it.

Things to keep in mind when purchasing a portable folding ramp

If you’re looking to purchase a ramp, the following tips can be incredibly helpful to keep in mind.

They are not all the same size

As mentioned in the DIY section of this article, ramps come in many different sizes. One thing to keep in mind is that longer ramps are a bit more versatile as they can accommodate a wider range of entrance heights. Shorter ramps are only going to be good for smaller rises, steps, etc. Longer ramps are also going to be easier to move up and down since the angle of incline won’t be as great. 


It’s vital to keep slope in mind when deciding on the length of ramp to purchase. You don’t want the incline or decline to be too steep when ascending or descending. It’s important to know the capabilities of the mobility device being used. For example, you don’t want to exceed the recommended slope of a power chair or powered mobility scooter. checking the owner’s guide for this information would be beneficial before purchasing a ramp.


Ensuring the design is suitable to your specific needs is something to look at. Features such as adjustable plates at the bottom that can adapt to the surface you’re putting the ramp on can be essential for some.

Also, if you’re installing the portable folding ramp with the intention that it will be a permanent fixture, then the design should play a role in the aesthetics of your home. Portable ramps are fairly straight-forward in design, but there are some things such as different surface options that can be selected to assist with the matching of your home.

Safety features

Safety features such as curbs along the sides of the ramp, a slip-resistant surface, and a weight capacity that can support the load are all things to investigate if the ramp you’re looking at purchasing includes. 

Have you considered buying portable ramps to aid mobility for yourself or a loved one? These are affordable and an investment worth making.

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