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Office Accessibility - For Your Employees and Customers

For almost two decades now, all businesses that serve the public have been required to be ADA compliant. But while it’s a requirement, there are two major benefits to taking your business to the next level of accessibility – number of customers you’re affecting and displaying your commitment to an inclusive environment for all.

According to the BLS, as of 2016, 17.9% of the workforce has a disability and more than 19% of the entire US population has a disability. That being said, beyond compliance, providing accessible premises and services for your employees and customers makes good business sense. So how do you do it? How do you step up your efforts in office accessibility?

Here are some great ways you can turn your business into a poster child for ADA compliance:


Eliminate Hazards

Like any business, you want employees and customers to be able to enjoy being at your business as well as utilize the services you have to offer. To ensure that your company is easily accessible, make getting into and out of your building as easy as possible with access products like the TITAN™ Code Compliant Modular Access System. This system will help eliminate potentially hazardous stairs, inclines, curbs, and elevated landings. It is a durable and customizable product that will fit your of office entry your needs.

Office Accessibility

Create Clear Signage

If you have entrances that are not wheelchair accessible, create easy to notice signs that will direct visitors to your no-barriers entrance. Also, customers may be checking to see what accessibility options there are before they even come to your store. They’ll do this from your website, so be sure to clearly state what services you offer on the premises that will make their experience smooth and comfortable. This could even mean making sure you have the International Symbol of Accessibility listed on the site and on each entrance. The same goes for making potential employees feel welcome. When someone is job searching that may have accessibility needs, one of the first things they will look for is how they will be able to easily access their workplace.

Go Mobile!

If you’re like some businesses, you may have a temporary, or mobile office. This can be a big cause for concern to employees or visitors because they do not know if they can count on being able to enter and exit easily. Fortunately, the FORTRESS® OSHA Stair System can be built for permanent or temporary offices and is built for all weather conditions. It allows your entrance and exit to be fully customizable to your needs as well as fully mobile. There is even an optional canopy that can shield you from the harsh summer sun or any inclement weather.

There is no reason that any person should have difficulty entering or exiting your business.

With quick and easy solutions from EZ-ACCESS, you can ensure that both employees and customers have no issues walking through your door.

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