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National Bike Month: More Accessible Than Ever

It’s that time of year where the weather is warming up and the bike paths are starting to call our name. Although many people have different ability levels, biking can be a suitable hobby for most everyone. This spring, get outside, throw on a helmet, and start pedaling.


E-bikes are an exciting way for those with disabilities to still enjoy the great outdoors. These modified bicycles typically have high backs and armrests to provide stability. They allow the rider to use the pedals to move the bike, but also come with a motor so that if the legs become tired, the motor can take over.

Recumbent Bicycle

You might have seen these around and thought about how relaxing they look. Recumbent bikes have a high seat back that puts the rider in a reclining position. This takes pressure off of the sitting bones, hands, and feet. Unlike the e-bike however, it does require the user to pedal in order to move.


Handcycles are a great alternative for people who can’t use traditional foot pedals. These three-wheeled bikes are powered with the user’s arms instead of the user’s legs. The hand cranks also have hand brakes attached for easy stopping once you get rolling.

Wheelchair Bike

For users who prefer to sit back, relax, and enjoy the views, there is the wheelchair bike. This is a nontraditional bike that allows a passenger to sit in the front while the driver steers and pedals from behind. Typically the wheelchair portion of the cycle is able to be disconnected for easy movement on and off the bike path.

We hope that this National Bike Month you will get out there and find the bike that best fits you. With many different options and variations, there is a bicycle out there for people of all strengths and abilities. Take advantage of the warming temperatures and enjoy some fresh air as you pedal away.

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