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Modular Entry Mat Buying Guide

Homes and businesses with a large clientele base may need a broad range of access items to help individuals who may struggle to enter safely and with ease. Thankfully, the TRANSITIONS® Modular Entry Mat can help create a more straightforward access option, one that assists with the transition between higher to lower areas without causing any frustrating or even dangerous bumps along the way.

In this TRANSITIONS Modular Entry Mat Buying guide, you'll learn more about the nature of these mats, why you might need one, and where you can buy them. This guide is intended for residential and industrial/commercial mat usage. It can be easily adapted to help homeowners and business owners integrate these modular entry mats into their home or building environment.

What is a Modular Entry Mat?

The mat's design is straightforward: it has a two and one-half inch height and an overall size of 24” deep by 48” wide. Risers and a second mat can also be used to increase the height of the mat to 4.75”, which makes the mat modular in nature and incredibly versatile. These pieces can be used and combined to create a seamless transition from one surface to the next. 

The mat’s width is conducive for most doors and can be trimmed as needed to provide a simple, yet safe and convenient transition for just about any user. With a weight of 40 pounds and a weight capacity of 850 pounds, this mat is stable, sturdy, and reliable. The TRANSITIONS Modular Entry Mat is made of recycled black rubber to make it more environmentally friendly than many similar mats. 

By placing this mat in front of a door with a sudden drop, you create a more comfortable and softer transition. For instance, if your business's storage area has a 3-4 inch drop from the entryway to the main floor, this TRANSITIONS Modular Entry Mat eases that transition. It provides a soft landing space for your carts or other wheeled vehicles. This mat can also be used in various home environments, such as in nursing homes that utilize a large number of wheelchairs or other mobility equipment.

Why You Need a Modular Entry Mat

If you have an area in your home, business, warehouse, etc. that has a raised threshold and people, items, or equipment need to frequently traverse that threshold, you should consider adding a modular entry mat. Whether people are using mobility equipment to enter and exit their home or employees are using a hand truck to move items out of a slightly elevated storage container, this mat will smooth the transition and make for easier traversing.

If you are looking to implement safety and help prevent tripping or increase the ease of navigating a change in floor level, the TRANSITIONS Modular Entry Mat can be used in residential, commercial, and industrial environments to do just that. 

Where We Can Buy TRANSITIONS Modular Entry Mat

The TRANSITIONS Modular Entry Mat is available from a variety of durable medical equipment shops and a handful of online retailers. To search for a dealer in your area, you can utilize the “Locate a Dealer” tool on the EZ-ACCESS website or you can view the available retailers via the “Buy Online” button on the TRANSITIONS Modular Entry Mat page.

Reviewing the mat’s page on the EZ-ACCESS website will also offer you additional product information and resources such as brochures and manuals that explain how to use this mat and outline additional features and benefits. That kind of all-encompassing support is critical for those buying important safety and access items for their home or business.

If you have any questions regarding this product or other access products, you can reach out to the EZ-ACCESS team at 800-451-1903.

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