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Accessibility in Michigan State Parks: Making Nature Open to Everyone

State parks are gems that provide beautiful trails, exciting playgrounds, shelters for gatherings, and the chance to experience the great outdoors. For those with mobility differences, these terrains and opportunities can quickly become inaccessible. Thankfully, many state parks are making strides by investing in accessibility equipment that overcomes these barriers. Recently, Michigan State Parks added more track chairs, which are the ATVs of wheelchairs. Capable of traversing rough and uneven ground, track chairs provide a stable and safe way for everyone to enjoy the beauty of nature. Alongside Michigan, many other states have made these chairs available and continue to grow their fleets. 

Accessibility Considerations for Parks

Improving accessibility for parks goes beyond just providing access across sand, dirt, and rocky ground. Consider your last trip to a similar place—you probably needed to be able to get into a bathroom, enter the Visitor Center, and get around a pavilion or picnic shelter. Whether someone is using a track chair, standard wheelchair, or walking device such as a walker or cane, there has to be an accessibility solution to get them to these locations. Even a technologically advanced track chair would have trouble climbing stairs though! Commercial ramps provide an alternative solution to stairs, curbs, and uneven surfaces, making mobility easier for everyone. 

Qualities of Superior Access Solutions 

EZ-ACCESS® designs and manufactures custom commercial wheelchair ramps that state parks and other outdoor venues can use to ensure all visitors’ mobility needs are accommodated. Products like the PATHWAY® HD Code Compliant Modular Access System can be tailored to each location to become the exact solution the situation calls for. Our aluminum ramps are ideal for parks and other outdoor settings thanks to their durability, withstanding all kinds of weather in ways that wood does not. Even when it rains or snows, our aluminum ramps are designed to be slip-resistant, adding a layer of safety and peace of mind. Our commercial access ramps are designed to be low-maintenance, saving valuable time for park staff by not requiring constant upkeep for visitors.

The State of Accessibility for Parks

Accessibility is growing in settings across the country, but it still has a long way to go before mobility barriers are a thing of the past. At EZ-ACCESS, we are dedicated to helping the community provide an environment that everyone can enjoy. Commercial wheelchair ramps are a great start for every park, venue, and business to do their part. Our Customer Service team is ready to help you craft the perfect access solutions for your space, whether indoors or outdoors. With an in-house R&D team, we’re ready to design solutions for whatever unique situation the space calls for. Let EZ-ACCESS help you take a page from Michigan State Parks and get you on the path toward accessibility for all.

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