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In-bed Bathing Accessories Guide for Caregivers

One of the most difficult tasks that caregivers perform is bathing the people that they are caring for.

Patients have a wide variety of health conditions, which means every person requires a unique bathing procedure to ensure their utmost safety. When evaluating and determining the right bathing procedure that will work best, it’s very important that you know the various bathing accessories that are available to you. This helps to ensure that you have everything you will need during the bathing process in place in order to bathe the patient safely, comfortably, and in a timely manner. 

If you are bathing an individual in their bed, it probably means that they have a fairly severe health condition, and their body is frail. Therefore, you do not want them to have other complications caused by the bathing process so it’s incredibly important to proceed with caution using any and all procedures you have identified as a good fit.

If you do plan to bathe a person who cannot leave their bed, here is a guide on a few of the bathing accessories EZ-ACCESS has available: 

Inflatable Body Washing Basin

If you need to give your patient a fully submerged bath, then the EZ-BATHE Body Washing Basin could be a great option. This helpful product allows you to bathe your patient while they are still in their bed, which is great for cutting down on transfers to the bathroom. 

The inflatable tub can easily and quickly be inflated, filled, drained, and deflated for a simplified bathing process.

Inflatable Hair Washing Basin 

Providing a quick and simple hair washing without having to transfer your patient to the bathroom to do so can be incredibly helpful. This cuts down on the awkward bedding and maneuvering that we all know can come with trying to wash your hair in the tub.

The EZ-SHAMPOO Hair Washing Basin is incredibly lightweight, compact, and can be inflated and deflated quickly. 

Portable Shower

This product offers immense convenience and can be paired with the EZ-SHAMPOO Hair Washing Basin to complete an in-bed hair washing. It holds a fairly significant amount of water so you won’t have to continuously refill it during the hair washing process and it can easily be hung by the bedside for easy access. The EZ-SHOWER Bedside Shower truly is a handy product when it comes to performing hygiene activities on your patients.

Utilizing helpful tools like the ones we have mentioned here are great as they can really cut down on the amount of patient transferring and maneuvering. For more information on these and other products like these that aid in caring for your patient, be sure to give us a call at 800-451-1903.

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