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How to Help Mom & Dad Get Around with the Right Ramp

In the wake of COVID-19, many families moved their elderly parents out of assisted living facilities and into their homes for additional safety.

We understand that this is no easy feat, from adjusting daily routines to ensuring safe mobility around the house. To help new and experienced family caregivers, we’ve compiled a list of portable ramps that can help mom and dad better navigate the home as well as other essential locations.

First, let’s talk about why a portable ramp may be necessary for those who were previously in an assisted living facility. These individuals often have limited mobility and or diminished balance, which can make obstacles such as stairs and raised door thresholds unsafe. A portable ramp can help eliminate these obstacles and provide a gentle incline that is much easier and safer to traverse while using their scooter, walker, rollator, etc.

When researching which solution will work best for your family, make sure it meets the following criteria


Caregivers need to be able to carry a portable ramp in and out of the house or vehicle with ease. A lightweight ramp will not only avoid frustration, but it will not put as much strain on the caregiver.

Slip-resistant surface

Don’t cancel social plans or a doctor’s appointment because of poor weather conditions! A slip-resistant surface provides increased traction in order to help prevent slips and falls.

Ergonomic handle for carrying

Another great feature for every caregiver is an ergonomic handle that ensures a comfortable grip while carrying a portable ramp. This will help with easier handling and transporting of the ramp.

Self-adjusting transition plates

A portable ramp needs to be ultra-adaptable to overcome different obstacles and acclimate to wherever your loved one needs to go. Self-adjusting transition plates at the bottom of the ramp that independently adjust to the ground surface allows for easy transitions from ramp to ground.

Our line of SUITCASE® portable folding ramps meet the above criteria and each ramp was designed to provide easy access at home or on-the-go.

SUITCASE® Singlefold Ramp folded in two and being carried like luggage

Single-folding Portable Ramps  

The SUITCASE® Singlefold Ramp and the SUITCASE® Singlefold AS Ramp both fold in half for easy carrying and storage. These two ramps are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 2’-8’ to help eliminate a variety of obstacles your loved ones may face on a daily basis. To help determine the ideal length you need, you can use our Incline Calculator.

These are versatile ramps that can be set up quickly and can be moved from location-to-location to offer easy access wherever life takes them. These ultra-strong ramps provide the safety and strength required while remaining light and portable. Made of durable aluminum, they will last for years to come without any rust!

They also feature two different slip-resistant surfaces:  

Wheelchair wheels on our Singlefold Ramp slip-resistant tread

The SUITCASE® Singlefold Ramp has a built-in slip-resistant tread

Wheelchair wheels on our Singlefold AS Ramp slip-resistant tread

The SUITCASE® Singlefold AS Ramp has an applied, textured surface to provide excellent traction

SUITCASE® Singlefold AS Ramp

View the SUITCASE® Trifold® AS Ramp

Three-folding Portable Ramp  

True to its name, our SUITCASE® Trifold® AS Ramp folds three different ways for flexible travel and storage. The ramp is designed to be used and carried as one unit or it can be quickly separated into two individual sections for easier transport and reduced handling weight.

With longer lengths available for overcoming higher raised landings, steps, and vehicles, this ramp is particularly great for loading or unloading mobility devices into and out of a vehicle. Features a durable aluminum construction with an applied, slip-resistant surface for superior traction.

Need help picking out a ramp for your loved one?

Just contact us and our Customer Service team will ask you the right questions to ensure you feel informed and comfortable when making this investment.

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