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How to Choose a Ramp System for Your Home

Every family has different needs, which means every home should be uniquely set up to meet those needs.

For example, children with muscular dystrophy who only use a walker or scooter part-time will require a different access solution than an adult that is in a power wheelchair full-time. Below we talk about different mobility obstacles that many people come across throughout a home, and the simple equipment that can be put in place to overcome them!

Image of Obstacle 1 - Door Thresholds

Door Thresholds  

Ever trip or get stuck on the small ledges in a doorway? Those pesky things are door thresholds, and they aren’t always made for easy travel. Without a proper access solution, individuals may need assistance stepping or rolling over a threshold. In some instances, individuals who use walkers may even be at risk of falling and injuring themselves.

Image of The Solution - Transitions


Our various threshold ramps, mats, and plates allow for a smooth ground-to-sill transition over doorway thresholds throughout your home. You can provide sturdy support and help reduce possible hazards to make your home more comfortable and safe for mobility users with one of our TRANSITIONS.

Image of Obstacle - Stairs outside the home

Stairs Outside the Home

It’s safe to assume the average person enters and exits their house multiple times a day. There are two instances where this everyday activity can become a huge nuisance. The first: if you or your loved one uses a walker for assistance. Oftentimes stairs are too steep and awkward for an individual to climb them independently. The second: if you or your loved one is on wheels, there is no way to go up the steps independently.

Image of The Solution - Gateway 3G


The GATEWAY 3G is a great solution for home entrances and exits. It’s a semi-permanent ramp which means it can be easily moved as needs change, but it’s also built for repeated, rigorous use. All of our ramps, including the GATEWAY 3G, are also made with a slip-resistant surface to allow for safe use in all types of weather.

Image of Obstacle - A few stairs around town

A Few Stairs Around Town

Unfortunately, not every entrance is accessible for people of all abilities. If an individual with limited mobility already has a permanent solution at home, they are still likely to run into obstacles as they are out and about.

Image of The Solution - Suitcase


Our SUITCASE® portable folding ramp line includes three lightweight options: Singlefold AS Ramp, Singlefold Ramp, and Trifold® AS Ramp. A couple of our SUITCASE options can even be used as one unit or easily separated into multiple sections, making them even more convenient to use, carry, and store. Our portable ramps have the safety and strength required while remaining light and portable, allowing you to take your access solution wherever you may go.

Image of Obstacle - Raised entryways

Raised Entryways

Similar to the obstacle of having stairs outside the home, raised entryways, porches, and decks make everyday activities difficult if they are not equipped with an alternate means of easy access. While there is nothing wrong with receiving help when an individual encounters these areas, allowing them to move safely on their own enables the dignified independence that they deserve.

Image of The Solution - Pathway 3G


The PATHWAY® 3G Modular Access System has the ability to eliminate permanent barriers around the home. This modular access system consists of ramps, platforms, and stairs, all of which may be combined and configured in a variety of ways to provide a customized accessible pathway. The PATHWAY 3G has interchangeable surface and handrail options, making it an excellent choice when your needs go beyond the scope of a temporary ramp.

At EZ-ACCESS, we make it a priority to meet the access needs of our customers through a variety of durable, customizable products that will serve you for years to come.

If you need help determining the best option for your home, please reach out to our Customer Service Team today!

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