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Get Assistance with Powered Aids to Daily Living

Everyone needs help from time to time, especially if an individual’s mobility is limited due to age or a chronic health condition.

However, relying on someone else for help can sometimes create its own challenges. If a caregiver is unable to safely move the individual they are helping, injuries can occur for both parties and when an individual needs assistance with hygienic activities, it can be difficult to maintain independence and dignity.

Below are a few powered aids to daily living that have the potential to eliminate some of these challenges by either assisting users without the help of a caregiver or by making everyday tasks safer and easier for both the caregiver and patient.

TILT Toilet Incline Lift closeup

View the TILT® Toilet Incline Lift

Toilet Lifts  

A toilet lift is a device that lifts the toilet seat to an elevated incline that makes it easier and safer for a user to sit down and stand up. If an individual is experiencing lower extremity weakness, this could be a great solution that would potentially allow for independent bathroom use.

The TILT® Toilet Incline Lift from EZ-ACCESS lifts to the user’s natural body movement and positions the shoulders over the feet for optimal balance. Additionally, arms remain at an ideal angle, which keeps elbows slightly bent to maximize ideal strength in order to exit the seat. The handles feature non-slip covers, allowing the user to maintain a secure grip while the seat raises and lowers. If the user does need assistance from their caregiver, there is a hand-held push button control to operate the lifting process. To keep the device clean, the toileting aid assembly is protected by a plastic shield, which can easily be removed for sanitization.

Woman helping a man in a wheelchair onto the PASSPORT Vertical Platform Lift

View the PASSPORT® Vertical Platform Lift

Home Access Lifts  

Many homes in the United States were not designed with layouts that accommodate the use of mobility devices throughout the home. If this is the case for your home, it may be worth it to look at home access lifts that are engineered to overcome elevated entryways.

The PASSPORT® Vertical Platform Lift takes safe access to the next level by providing a quiet, smooth ride to your next destination. Most commonly used at the front entrance of a home or in the garage at a secondary entry point, the PASSPORT is the perfect solution for any difficult path, porch, or other raised entryway. These lifts are ideally used for higher entrances and their smaller size is a great alternative to using an extensive amount of ramping. This home access lift is easy to operate, can be installed in a matter of hours, and is constructed from aluminum, making it a durable solution that will last for many years of high-traffic use and weather.

ORBIT Patient Transfer Lift product image

View the ORBIT® Patient Transfer Lift

Patient Transfer Lifts  

Transferring patients from their bed to their mobility devices poses a great risk for both caregivers and patients. A patient transfer lift can eliminate most of this risk by taking the weight off the caregiver during the transfer.

The ORBIT® Patient Transfer Lift is a unique device that features an articulating arm that can pivot 360 degrees, giving the caregiver complete flexibility at all times, in all directions, offering an expansive range of motion. Unlike fixed track, rolling, or portable lifting systems, the ORBIT is non-intrusive to the home. The single-post design offers a small footprint and compact design, simply mounting floor-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling. When wall mounted and not in use, the arm may be folded flat to the wall and out of the way. When mounted in the middle of the room from floor to ceiling, the arm may be folded in half and positioned in any direction for optimal use of the room’s available space.

If you’re interested in installing any of these three powered aids to daily living, please reach out to our Customer Service team!

A member of our team will talk to you about the physical and lifestyle needs for the user and their caregiver to determine the best solution for the home.

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